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Discussion in 'Online Rats' started by Olga, Aug 13, 2013.

  1. Olga Active Member

    Hi, again, ladies!Did anyone knows him? one of my friends met THIS. How do u think rat or no? in his profile he says this
    He is from Douz, Tunisia
    Anyway my friend didnt met him in real life, cause after my story she little bit dont believe tunisian man. The most funny is that they are the same age with my little mouse and this man, he calls himself Ali invited her to go to him and if they would like each other they would get merried an live in ...tunisia:speechless:
  2. Ariel Under the Sea

    I wouldn't trust any of them on such sites! They all say such rubbish! This one makes me want to :sick:
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  3. simple Well-Known Member

    If they are on the internet searching for women ,,Then i would not believe anything they say ...
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  4. marylou Tigerlils favourite

    wow sounds my sort of man whats his name :sneaky: did i hear some one say marry !!!!!
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  5. Olga Active Member

    I adviced my friend to check like this: if he wants to see her so bad he can come her on touristic visa. He doesnt need her invitation for this and Belarus is very beautiful in summer. As I know everything about belarusian visas because of my little mouse I know that it is simple to get our touristic visa. The first his answer was 'Baby i dont have own jet'. The second 'Why should I go to such country as Belarus'. Haha, ofcourse it is not Switzerland!!!:D
  6. simple Well-Known Member

    Not only marry !! But live like a romantic mexican :confused:
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  7. Olga Active Member

    Not just marry to live.... live in TUNISIA with HIM. such a great luck. Another good thing he likes women 30+ the most. in 20 yo he was dating the woman who were 35 and it was the most lucky time in his life!!!!Still a riddle where is this woman now:cool:
  8. simple Well-Known Member

    She is maybe wondering somewhere in the sahara ,looking for her oasis ,but can only see mirages !!!! Because nothing is real !!
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  9. Olga Active Member

    Another girl of his age, tunisian disapeared the same strange if someone is going to Dous u must know here is a serial maniac who likes mexican movies!!! so if you are going to walk around the town alone, keep something heavy in your heands, cause he is i big man. I mean high and strong;) and he thinks he is unreally handsome!!
  10. simple Well-Known Member

    Is he kidnapping them ??? I guess the big sombrero hes wearing is a give away .What a fahita he must be ,needs a good kick up rio grande !!!
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  11. Olga Active Member

    One hit with cactus in right place and he will run from tunisia to mexico by foot!!!!
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  12. Laurence Well-Known Member

    Now that's something new...a romantic Mexican in the desert!
    Please give me his (real) name and FB account in a PM Olga.
  13. marylou Tigerlils favourite

    can i have it as well olga :D
  14. Olga Active Member

    I would give but it wasnt in fb,and she didnt took his fb. now they r not in touch cause he apeared dirty internet pervert!!! maybe u can find him in fb he said he has it. his name is Ali. he will be 24 on 15.08.2013. he can use nick ali ben.a.Lives in Dous. But he is from Jerba. that is all we know. I'm sorry:(
  15. Ariel Under the Sea

    Here he is:
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  16. Olga Active Member

    Yes almost exactly his portrait!!! But without mustaches:D Brutal hot man
  17. marylou Tigerlils favourite

    wow hes one sexy mother fucker ;) ...... yeh hes got that tunie stand they all do when having their mugshot taken
  18. marylou Tigerlils favourite

    so we got... ali ....24 years old.... AKA ali ben .... it should be easy to find him now :thumbsup:
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  19. Olga Active Member

    Amomg the 1000 of ali :D
  20. simple Well-Known Member

    What you mean im a rat !!! My name is speedy ,lorenzo, paco ,del torro,gonzalez ben khaliffa!!!
  21. Olga Active Member

    And i'm ready to marry u all in one day! cause i'm too speedy!!! just come to Douz
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  22. catgirl Well-Known Member

    Do you have a name or a nick name of this dream-mouse and on which dating site does he operate?
    In the FB Group "Bezness-The other Face of Tunisia" is a lady who was with a guy from Douz!
    Maybe it is him :)
  23. Olga Active Member

    Site calls Here is simple to find him, in search choose 'Tunisia', age from 23-24 he will be the first in the list. His name is Ali, big guy on black and white photo. So I guess I have to begin to use fb:D
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  24. catgirl Well-Known Member

    Douz is one of the biggest rat breeding nests in Tunisia it seem.
    I have just inserted two Douz Boys upon request of a Lady.
    You will find the pics in the Gallery and the stories in "Rat on Rat" Douz Nr. 1 and Douz Nr. 2
    Two really big fat dirty Rats.
    One is part of a family mafia to persue women between 55-65 to settle down and buy properties in Douz and "help them"......
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  25. Laurence Well-Known Member

    Douz is also the most traditional small town in Tunisia, they nearly all eventually get married to a woman of their (close or further) family, chosen and/or aproved by the parents.
    Decent families there even don't allow their sons to work in tourism, or to get married to a gawria...they mostly prefer poverty rather than rattery.
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