Attention - Helmi the Rat

Discussion in 'Rat on a Rat' started by WouldI, Feb 18, 2009.

  1. WouldI

    WouldI Guest

    I have a photographic memory if it helps??? :D:cool: LOL I can picture him clear as day - got any other photos to compare? - I could confirm whether it is him or not. He was quite distinctive - didn't look very Tunisian.
  2. WouldI

    WouldI Guest

    Sorry Boss - have done what you said but it still doesn't work for me :eek: Perhaps it's related to my box problem? :D
  3. TunisiaMoon

    TunisiaMoon Guest

    Woody was he old or young lol!:huh:
  4. WouldI

    WouldI Guest

    Definitely young - 20s I'd have said
  5. WouldI

    WouldI Guest

    He looked like a surfer-dude Juls, straggly sun-bleached grown-out hair that I was dying to slap some conditioner onto! :D
  6. Ben

    Ben Administrator

    a razor blade would have worked better
  7. alAzima

    alAzima Guest

    He just needs some olive oil ::laughing::
  8. TunisiaMoon

    TunisiaMoon Guest

    Worst case scenario..........

  9. WouldI

    WouldI Guest

    Use KY Jelly??? :D:D:D
  10. Veritas

    Veritas The Contessa

    Naughty, naughty- Woodster!!!:spank::spank::laughing::::laughing::
  11. TunisiaMoon

    TunisiaMoon Guest

    ::sick:: But it wouldn't taste very nice on salads though would it???::AngeL::
  12. WouldI

    WouldI Guest

    Juls - are you now expecting a puppy???? :huh::confused: LOL
  13. TunisiaMoon

    TunisiaMoon Guest

    Lmfao!!!! NO.... that's my doggy woggy lol!!:D
  14. WouldI

    WouldI Guest

    awwwwwww he has your eyes ::laughing::::laughing::::laughing::
  15. bambino3456

    bambino3456 Guest

    i've met helmi seemed lovely when i first met him then someone i spoke to who had also gone to the same hotel as me (allegro riviera) told me what he was really like. i didnt believe it till she added me to the conversation on msn. x
  16. Just dragging this thread back up. Saw the name Helmi and couldnt resist. I guess its not THE Helmy belonging to Animal c/hunt but it still made me giggle :angel:
  17. LR1

    LR1 New Member

  18. RunnerGirl

    RunnerGirl New Member

    Hi LR1 I realise you posted over a year ago but does anyone have any information about Helmi Hasseni/Hassani. Any information would be greatly appreciated before I make a massive fool of myself.

    Thank you so much ladies
  19. Ariel

    Ariel Under the Sea Staff Member

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