Do they have STI/STD Clinics in Tunisia

Discussion in 'Rat Behavior' started by Emily Jane, Jun 29, 2013.

  1. Emily Jane

    Emily Jane New Member

    Just out of curiosity do they have GUM Clinic or equivalent where you could drag a love rat to be tested for STIs/STDs?

    Can you imagine his face if you took him to a clinic and give him the ultimatium to get tested or get lost?

    Live would be simple.
  2. simple

    simple Well-Known Member

    They should have a bell ,like leapers .shouting "unclean ,unclean ""
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  3. BrownGirl

    BrownGirl Moderator And Queen of Summaries Staff Member

    On the end of their ding dongs :D
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  4. wallah

    wallah Well-Known Member

    They don't have STDs in Tunisia, or unmarried mums, or non virgin unmarrieds, or gays - didn't you know that Emily Jane! :rolleyes:
  5. Ariel

    Ariel Under the Sea Staff Member

    Yes, they shower after sex and they're muslim - condoms are not necessary :rolleyes: ;)
  6. Ariel

    Ariel Under the Sea Staff Member

    On a serious note, there would be massive shame attached to getting tested for STIs (if they had the intelligence to see the necessity for it in the first place) - remember that they are not supposed to be having sex before and/or outside of marriage so I would very much doubt it happens - this is why women sleeping with these men must take charge of their own sexual health and insist that the man uses a condom and, in fact, sources the condoms herself as he is unlikely to have any and won't want to buy any.
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  7. bateman

    bateman Well-Known Member

    tut tut ladies you know that each year the chemist does a price offer on anti thrush meds and gentromycin crabs just shave lol
  8. simple

    simple Well-Known Member

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  9. simple

    simple Well-Known Member

    A condom on the willy and a brown paper bag over his head and a magazine or nail file while you wait for him to find your g spot !!
  10. Ariel

    Ariel Under the Sea Staff Member

    hahaha as if he'd even know or care about female pleasure - it should be enough that he has given you the gift of his manhood for two minutes :D
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  11. the nutty professor

    the nutty professor Bad Teacher

    Think you mean "find your purse"
  12. simple

    simple Well-Known Member

    They find your purse the minute you get through customs ,,,because habibi must pay the airport parking fee ,,or taxi ,,
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  13. simple

    simple Well-Known Member

    Corrrr !!! a whole two minutes ,,werent you the spoilt one !!
  14. simple

    simple Well-Known Member

    What dose it mean ,when a rat is in bed gasping for breath and calling your name ???? You didnt hold the pillow down long enough !!
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  15. simple

    simple Well-Known Member

    Is a Tunisian virgin called ,,,, Never bin laid on !!
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  16. MacCoinneach

    MacCoinneach Well-Known Member

    Exactly what I was thinking haha
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  17. simple

    simple Well-Known Member

    The difference between love and herpes ,is love dosnt last forever ,,
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  18. Caramel

    Caramel Clairvoyante !!

    Simple, people would think I was mad if I was not sitting alone. That one just made me laugh out loud. You are so funny. And this one:
    Is a Tunisian virgin called ,,,, Never bin laid on !!
  19. Alien

    Alien Well-Known Member

    As far as I know, they have started to live an STD-awareness life. (In the more educated environment, at least) And also there are some STD screening places. As far as I know, the hotel workers have to go to HIV screening in every half or in every year. They have to show a negative proof to their employer. But also as far as I know sometimes they show a fake proof. :-(
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  20. Alien

    Alien Well-Known Member

    Is this a muslim habit that they always shower immidiately after sex?
    Why??? They feel themselves dirty after sex? (Of course it's necessary for hygiene point of view, but does the Quran says anything about this?)
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  21. Alien

    Alien Well-Known Member

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  22. Amber

    Amber oo la la ;)

    Dear Alien , Thanks for sharing these links and your other thread about STD's , very interesting ...
    Should i add that animation teams and tourism workers are too be considered as " sex workers" ,not included in the estimated figures ...
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  23. simple

    simple Well-Known Member

    Sex before marriage is a sin ,,,They believe they can wash away this sin .Even married couples who have sex during ramadam must shower away their sin .
  24. Alien

    Alien Well-Known Member

    Ohhhh, thanks Simple, now I understand! Sex before marriage is also a sin for men too? Not only for women?
    For example if they were genuine, and found an European girl for love before marriage......(Ok-ok, I already know it's impossible because of their arranged marriage.....but still) making sex with her wolud be also a sin in this case?
  25. mezoo

    mezoo The Decider

    no i don't think they do. can get gum readily in most kiosks ive seen around tunisia.... ;)

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