Tunisia promotes revolution tourism

Discussion in 'Tunisian Revolution' started by alAzima, Mar 15, 2011.

  1. alAzima

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    Salmi called for the adoption of a new marketing strategy that steers clear from the traditional reliance on images of the sea and sun. He said a new advertising campaign was needed to highlight Tunisia as the birthplace of the first peaceful Arab revolution, a country of free people, and of security and democracy.

    Tourism is the country's biggest source of foreign currency. With nearly 400,000 people working in the sector, it is also the nation's second largest employer. However, the dramatic drop in visitors during the past few months alarmed many working in the industry.
  2. Katie1971

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    I am going next Wednesday :D
  3. alAzima

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    I hope that you have a good time! I know that Tunisians will be grateful to see tourists returning :)
  4. Katie1971

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    Nothing would keep me away from Tunisia, its my second home (h)
  5. alAzima

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    I feel the same way! But high ticket prices from the USA to Tunis are/have kept me away haha
  6. Katie1971

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    My poor credit card is crying hahaha
  7. alAzima

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    Mine cried so much, it fell apart LOL Supporting a 3 year relationship, long engagement, marriage, and immigration between a Tunisian and an American lol I don't know what I would have done if he wasn't helping with the costs. Maybe been forced to rob a bank lol
  8. Katie1971

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    I have all that to come :O
  9. Pitchoune

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    L'autre jour j'étais dans une agence de voyage en France et je discutais avec la vendeuse, elle m'expliquait que 65% des francais cette année n'yraient pas en Tunisie, à cause du boycottage qu'il y a eu sur les produits Français le mois dernier, et suite comme le peuple Tunisien avait traiter de lache, le racisme qu'ils ont démontrer contre nous etc... j'ai même appris qu'en ce moment beaucoup d'entreprises Françaises quittaient le pays et que les autres sociétés étaient fermés depuis la révolution du Jasmin. C'est dommage d'en arriver à ce point là.
  10. mezoo

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    temporary...the whole world is in recession and tunisia and no different. a time to consider opening up a tunisian company is the way i'm looking at it. there are and going to be many new opportunities in the next few years and i say "goodbye" to companies that choose to flee....:coffee: i'm moving in
  11. Liana

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    Good luck Mezo. Hope you establish the business soon.I will be going to Tunisia for 2 or 3 months soon , war zone not far away ..but never mind . As long as missiles are flying overhead it should be fine.

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