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Discussion in 'Rat on a Rat' started by Guess_Who, Apr 12, 2010.

  1. Guess_Who Made in England

  2. Ben Administrator

    hahaha isn't ET so proud :ben: :ben:
  3. alAzima Administrator & Voice of Reason

    This is like the third post about his site, can we just hot link on the top next to the rat. :rofl2: How about we bridge a partnership? :tongue:
  4. manzousa Member

    Or flag it as SPAM.... he he. Yawn... old news -_--_--_-
  5. Guess_Who Made in England

    Well I (for one) only came across this link the other day!! It is not exactly prominent where it was originally and thought as it is such useful information it should go somewhere noticeable!!! :tongue:
  6. Ben Administrator

    Etyoc owns that site :ben:
  7. manzousa Member

    Sure very useful info... but seems like that site is getting alot of free PR here lately... maybe some buddy links need created lol. There is ALOT of useful info here too if you can get past the mayhem and member on member brawls that seem to take over almost every thread... he he.
    Rat Behavior - Tunisian Love Rats

  8. Guess_Who Made in England

    Whats that got to do with the price of coffee???!!!

    And? Your point is?? :ben:
  9. WouldI Guest

    You remember Coyote??? It's his site and he's a member here too :D
  10. Vicky Member

    Hi i'm new to this site , i was wondering if you think this is normal , i have been talking to a man on skype , msn tagged etc for a few months and he has continued to show me that he cares for me with me making little sometimes no effort ..he asked for my full name because he wanted to send me some money so i can visit him in sweden where he is studying right now , he sent the money to me using the name he knew not my middle name and i dont want to collect it even though i know it is there because i have phoned western union myself and checked , he says when he looks at me that his heart just melts , ima 36 year old women and it takes more than saying those things to trust a tunisien man as i have experienced rats in the past , i really like him but he is telling me he loves me already and wants me to visit him now and wants to send more money to help me get the stuff i need to bring like more clothes , he just wnats to spoil me , i think it'scrazy behaviour really .. it's just sending me the money makes me think he does genuinlly care for me , he always phones me and texts me , i never use any money to contact him only texts , he says anything i need he will provide , im just so confused ... help someone anyone lol !!
  11. Bella Google Queen

    i'd say if a tunisian is offering money take it!!! its rare... grab it while you can lol (not helpful sorry, but currently in a bad mood with tunisian men)
  12. sparkle Classy Bird

    Welcome Vicky,can I ask you Vicky where you are from and did I read right that he wants you to visit him in Sweden?
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  13. TunisiaMoon Guest

    hi vicky. where are you from sweets? x
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  14. Vicky Member

    Hi im from the uk in Hampshire and yes he wants me to visit him in sweden that is where he is studying :)
  15. Vicky Member

    Sorry i didnt explain he is tunisian from bizzerte but lives in sweden studying at the mo x
  16. Bella Google Queen

    if hes studying where is he gettin money from to send you?
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  17. Vicky Member

    He works aswell , he is a mechanic x
  18. Bella Google Queen

    and the money is defo there....? why dont you collect it?
  19. sparkle Classy Bird

    It does sound a little strange to say the least. Has he asked you to visit Tunisia and maybe meet his family?
  20. Vicky Member

    He hates his country he says and he hates to be called tunisian but he showed me pictures of his parents and sister and they are not tradu=itional tunisians thay dont cover up they wear clothes like me and you , he wants me to meet them but he wants me to spend time with him and im scared to go to be honest , i wnat to know him more and i dont feel right collecting the money untill i actually go , he should not have sent it untill i had decided but i suppose i ahev to collect it anyways so i will tomorow but will return it if i dont go ... i realise it is so hard to be together because of visa so im just asking myself if its for visaeven though he is sending me money whats thta all about ?
  21. sparkle Classy Bird

    It's a hard call for you hun, I think you seem to be savvy when it comes to the bezness situation. I've never heard a Tunisian say he hates his country!!! That in itself is strange. What is he studying in Sweden?
  22. Bella Google Queen

    surely if hes studying in sweden he already has some sorta visa - guys?????
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  23. sparkle Classy Bird

    If he can get to Sweden on a study visa can he visit England, mmm... not sure?
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  24. sparkle Classy Bird

    If he's a student how has he got a work visa as well, seeing as he's a mechanic??
  25. Bella Google Queen

    its all a bit... "odd"....
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