Abdelhak Rahali writes that his brother Wajdi Rahali is in the States without papers (visa)

Quote Mango Chutney: "This makes no sense :confused: Are you tripping over your lies, dear rat....in the same dang message? :D You say N owed you and your brother money....and then you say you gave her money? Why did you give her money....if she owed you money? :confused:"

Abdelhak Rahali writes that his brother Wajdi Rahali is in the States without papers (visa)
Heidi, Oct 24, 2017
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    • Judithlyn
      He thinks I’m dumb!?!?!?!
    • Judithlyn
      “I will answer all of your questions!” Hhhhhhhhh
      Never did....even when confronted with the pic of evidence, that WIMP lied! He has loads of glasses....I guess he also had loads of my ex-husband’s jackets! What a low IQ moron! I’m having the last laugh....stupid is stupid! He wears my ex’s Chanel leather cap too! Wonder what all that asshole lowlife stole from my house? Evil brainless piece of garbage! I suspect he will marry a first cousin! Hhhhhhh more degenerates in Tunisia....just what they need....NOT!
    • Judithlyn
      I also love the part “I never touch her”..... he may not have touched her, but doesn’t sex count in there somewheres? Touching does not only have to be with your hands, right? I bet she truly “did not enjoy” her time with him! I would even bet money on it!

      What’s him and his bro up to these days? Come on ladies! You are so good at finding out the truths! Surely, on Tagged, Facebook, Tinder, Viber, Snapchat, WhatsApp, WeChat, Tango, Fiesta, and so many more.... you will find them! Loads of aliases so you will have to put in your reading glasses! Check Berjab, Ahmed, Abdel, Abdelhak, Omayma, Nejla, Najla, Fauzie and all spelling variations of it, Mohammed, Boubaker, Chariya, Rahali, Äbdél HAç...and all versions of it, Nidia, etc. Give me something juicy! He contacts me less and less.... so something is up! I suspect new victims! Poor things!
    • Heidi
      @Judithlyn , may I ask why you don't check on them :confused: without being a member on those social sites, I'm not able to see more than you do ;) :)
    • Judithlyn
      @Heidi You are correct, but I’ve been working 17 to even 23 hours per day! It helps me to forget his sorry ass! I’m still having a hard time! I hate most of him, but I miss the chatting times....6 + hours every single day....except the2 times he claimed to be working without wifi! Actually, N was in Tunisia! Cheating bastard! He’s sooooo good! He guarded me 24/7 and still managed to keep her hanging on to him! I saw a lot of her posts where she was sad, claimed all men are liars, saying she missed him, obviously cause he was living with me and could not talk....I had far far more money than her which put me into first position! Doesn’t that suck? What an evil con artist man? I wish I knew exactly how much contact he had with her while living with me.... and I paid all 109% of his expenses!!!! He cost me around $26,000USD! Asshole!
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    • Judithlyn
      Karma!!! His is coming! So will Wajdi!
    • Heidi
      @Judithlyn , it's best just to forget about him. He is present all over the internet now.
      Any victim who searches his name will find him here :)
    • Heidi
      @Judithlyn Quote: "Cheating bastard! He’s sooooo good! He guarded me 24/7 and still managed to keep her hanging on to him!"

      Yes, he is good at scamming :mad: just look at you - still trying to find out stuff about him and not letting go....
    • Mango Chutney
      @Judithlyn, in the nicest possible way, the best thing you can do is block him and rebuild your life....you have to keep living! Your happiness is enough in terms of payback, it will eat him alive to know you are happy and have all the things he does not and never will have.
      He is exposed as a warning to others on here, there is bucket loads of proof....his scam and chances of success are pretty much doomed.

      Those chats you miss, they were all lies and fake words....what is there to miss? You need to spend your time chatting with genuine people, not fakes and fraudsters.

      With regards to N, in my opinion, she was his number one....hence the ring on her finger. She was the golden ticket, she was his dream....she was America!!
      Your wallet gave him travel, nice clothes, new glasses, dentist work etc, but ultimately, he'd have given all that up once he had the golden ticket, it was just a nice gap filler and a pleasant little earner.
    • Judithlyn
      @Mango Chutney You are so right! Last night, I told him off again! I told him that I’m sick of him dragging me down! He’s a liar, a cheater, a user, and 2018 is going to be my great year. I can not let him keep me down in the gutter any longer! I told him that for him to let me spend all of that money on him while he locked himself in my bathrooms to talk to her was lower than human beings do to each other! I also told him that his life will always suck because when you treat people horribly, it comes back on you 10-fold! He treated both of us horribly! I sent him loads of pics of his lying words and him and her together! I told him that when he wonders why he lost both women, just take a trip down memory lane! He hurt both of us but in the end, he hurt himself much worse so I pity him! He’s banned in the USA, so he won’t be going there! I hope Europe bans him too! He dug his own hole, now he must reap what he has sewn! What a loser! I’m so glad that I know the truth now! What if I had moved over there! My life would have been ruined forever! Please help me get over my broken heart! It hurts! I’m so angry but I’m still hurt! I actually am even hating Tunisia! I wish I didn’t but every city is associated with pain for me now!
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    • Heidi
      @Judithlyn Quote "Please help me get over my broken heart!"

    • Judithlyn
      HELP! That asshole did something to my messenger account! It won’t come on! Help me please or report him and his sabotaging to Facebook please!

      I sent him this letter....Are you proud of me???? I HATE him!
      Abdelhak, You have hurt me deeper and harder than any man in my entire life! I think back on the times we were together! You locked the bathroom door. I know now why! I thought it was because you were shy! No, it was to talk to your fucking whore! You are absolutely the most wicked, evil, corrupt scum man on this planet! You are medically a sociopath! Look it up....google it! You are also a narcissist! How you could live double lives with 2 women in the entire same time is not human! You aren’t human you asshole!!! Something is very mentally wrong with you! You are very sick!!!!!! You need help, seriously!!!

      I gave you everything! You chose her! That ugly ring on her finger is a wedding ring from you! I bet you used my money to pay for it! You come to Japan, make love to me, act like I’m your number one and yet, you CHEAT always behind my back! You walk around my friends pretending to be all nice and loving when actually you are very evil and a really bad man! I still am in shock at how bad you have turned out to be! You sure fooled me big time! You are a disgrace to Tunisia! You are a disgrace to your family!

      I’m very angry at you but I am also thankful that I never moved to Tunisia or bought a business over there!

      You sure picked the wrong person to fuck over and cheat on! I have friends all the way to the top and they are very aware of you and your brother! When you fuck people up, they tend to fight back! You are banned from the USA forever! My congressman is head of foreign affairs in Japan! He is aware of you and your evil ways so I don’t think you can come back here but I’m not sure about Japan!

      For 3 years, all you did was lie, lie, lie, more lies, and cheat always! I now know everything, I think! I’m truly shocked! I thought you had a big heart, but you actually have NO heart! You told me once your mother nearly aborted you! I wish she had! My life has been hell because of you! Last December , you said you were with Habib doing some work! Bullshit! You were in Hammamet fucking that trashy whore!!!! You fuck anything, probably animals and little children too! You are truly a wicked , vile, evil psychopathic, sociopathic, heartless, scum, subhuman! I HATE you! Cheating in my house! I mean that takes nerve! That is sooooooooo bad! I want my $25,000 soon or I will have your brother kicked out of the USA! You don’t think I can do it....just try me buddy! You have 2 months! End of February....no $25,000 to Judy.... action will be taken!
      I’m not playing around with you anymore! I wasted 3 years of my life on an asshole jerk! I truly HATE you and I don’t hate anybody! That’s how bad you have become to me! You are wicked! No conscience, no morals, you are definitely going to hell for eternity! You don’t even know God or Allah! But look at the bright side, you will be burning with your N forever! She sold cocaine and that is the trash you were in love with! Did you not know that? You have zero character or morals so I’m sure you don’t care that your wife was a cocaine dealer! Hhhh You are one fucking stupid asshole! She probably had cocaine with her in Tunisia! Maybe you use cocaine too and that’s why you love her! You are an addict and she supplied you! I’m sure you would cause you are nothing but a low pig, dirt, ugly, heartless piece of shit! By the way, you have rights to claim money from N'sdeath! That’s one way to get my money back! The other ways, I don’t care... go prostitute yourself! By the way, you are no Romeo in bed either! Stop kidding yourself! I faked half of the orgasms cause you don’t know how to please a woman!

      You are unbelievable! I’m absolutely shocked at who you really are! I’ve seen your other Facebook pages! I’ve seen everything I think! You deleted them, but friends in high places with supercomputers have access! I’ve seen the shit you have done! I’ve seen your talks to N! In MY house! You creep!!! I wish you a life of poverty, sadness, may all of your children break your heart or die young, may sadness, may evil, may bad luck follow you for the rest of your life! I had not forgiven you for your tacky cheating, but to do it in my house when I paid to bring you here....3 Times is UNFORGIVABLE!!!! You are really really so bad! You are too mentally ill to realize your horrible sins/deeds/acts! Pitiful man, you really are! Go find yourself a slimy hooker Tunisian! She will make you a perfect wife cause you can not get a good woman! You had one, me, and you treated me worse than anybody ever on this planet did! I’m so shocked by your actions, your lack of heart, your evil ways, your pitiful life! Live in your nasty pig pen! I HATE you! I’m praying to God to please rid me of this HATE and to please punish Abdelhak for his horrible treatment to me and to N! You will get it back dear! Karma is real! Ask N! She died a horrible death! You will too dear! You are 28 years old and look at what you have done with your life....cheat, lie, scam, use people! You must be so proud of yourself! God help you! I have nothing kind to say to you because there are zero good memories! None! You cheated each and everyday with me so you are just a vile, evil creature....not a man! Real men would never do this! Enjoy your poor fucked up life! You earned it all by yourself! I HATE you,fucking Abdelhak Äbdél HAç....bastard is your real name! Loser! Pathetic man! My God, 3 years of my life for this piece of shit Tunisian! You know, I trusted you with everything and all of me! I’m stupid too! Bye bye forever! I really HATE you! No drinking yet either! This letter is real from my heart cuz unlike you, I have a heart!!!! You must be jealous! Hhhhhhhh Fucking asshole piece of shot! That is all you are!

      Writing that whore in my house! You are absolutely the most inhumane crappy piece of shit in Tunisia and the world! Are you happy with yourself? You must be so proud! You fucked over 2 women for 3 years plus lots of others for cash and trying for green cards! You will never get a green card now dear! You fucked with me! I fucked up your USA visits! One last thing, don’t try for European or Russian countries either! You may end up in a foreign prison. x Fuck away you slimeball! Hhhhhhhhh I’m enjoying this a lot!

      I’m moving forward! I have new business plans! I have a rich investor! By the way, I suspected in 2017 that you were using me for money, so I spent as little as possible on you! I had never been to Uniqlo cause it’s cheap, but I thought you were just using me! Yep, you were! I hardly took you to restaurants! Remember? I had a feeling that you were bad but I had no proof then! Now, I’ve got more proof than I ever dreamed possible! You cheated on me nonstop but sadly, you have cheated yourself worse! Go waste
    • Judithlyn
      By the way, some of my closest friends are black and I truly love them! The racism comments are truly not my heart, just for that slimeball user cheating asshole, Abdelhak Rahali! I’m sorry! I’m not prejudiced at all except to Ahmed HA, Abdelhak Rahali, scumbag rat! I’m sorry but please don’t misunderstand! I love all people based on their hearts! Abdelhak Rahali and Wajdi Rahali were born defective....without hearts!!!!
    • Judithlyn
      @Heidi like my final letter to that slimeball?
    • Heidi
      I do not believe in racism of any kind.
      I don't think that Abdelhak's US victim was dealing drugs.
      The drug dealers:

    • Heidi
    • Judithlyn
      @Heidi I don’t know but she was arrested and died on her way to a prison to meet either her current husband or ex! It was in the newspapers!
    • Liona
      @Judithlyn , I support you for telling him all that you had inside. It's a kind of therapy. I am just so doubt he is able to understand human speech.. Of course he is able to hear the sounds, but he can't understand the meaning. Such creatures still need some centures to evolve. But still no guarantee it will ever happen, because nowadays they look like degrading imbeciles.:confused:
    • Heidi
      @Judithlyn , I would really appreciate it if you could prove those accusations about the US victim.
      The obItuary did not state that she was married and the newspaper did not mention which family member she wanted to visit in prison. I could not find any arrest record by her name in the place she lived in :confused:
    • Mango Chutney
      @Judithlyn, I am really happy you have poured all that out, it will have done you so much good. I did it with my rats brother three months after I left him, it was my turning point, it was acceptance, it was moving forward....I really hope you get this result too.

      Now, about N....I will be very blunt.
      You need to STOP writing her name here, she deserves that respect and privacy, she can't fight for herself and I absolutely cannot bare the way you talk about her.

      She was a victim, the same as you and I.

      She suffered neglect and hurt just like you did, while he fitted both you and she, plus the two Tunisian girls in around each other, he will have also have had other little fishes online needing his time and attention.

      She WAS NOT a whore, and I'm gutted to see that written here in public. What on earth makes you say this of her? She loved that fukrat dearly. He used you both and deliberately turned you on each other with lies so that you could not compare stories, dates etc. You need to open your eyes to what he did and stop blaming N!

      With regards to marriage, he was not married to N, you already know this. He did not need to marry her for America, an engagement was enough for a fiancee visa.

      N was NOT a cocaine dealer, I knew that was what you were hinting at every time you said she was bad and that your investigators had found stuff. Your investigators are shit, me and Heidi did a better job! I've seen the cocaine story, it WAS NOT N!! That woman had a different date of birth and a different face....just a shared name! Trust me on this....I strained the living shit outta my eyes for that crucial date of birth!

      With regards to who N was visiting in prison, that is not our business, but if my loved ones were in prison, I suspect I'd visit them. That she knew somebody in prison does not make her a bad person, we all know people that have done the wrong thing....that does not mean we are bad!

      To see you call the death of N karma breaks my heart, it shows how much anger, jealousy and hate you have of a woman that did nothing wrong, she just loved the wrong man, fell for his lies....the same as you did. Her death was not karma, it was a cruel twist of fate and I'm gutted about it.

      N was forty four years old, she died in a horrific manner witnessed by family members in the car, including a child! Her family are grieving, they are hurting....how do you think they would feel if they saw your public post? You call N a whore, a drug dealer, imply she was bad etc.....but this is not true!!

      Please stop with this personal attack on N, focus your anger. I hope your heartfelt outpouring has helped you, because this obsessive need to know what fukrat is doing and this obsessive hatred of an innocent woman are not healthy. I understand exactly how you feel, we all do....but there comes a point where the only way is forwards. He took three years of your life.....don't let him take more.

      * Your racist comments are shocking!
    • Judithlyn
      I can’t “like” any of the comments. It says I don’t have permission to like comments. Any idea what is going on with that?
    • Mango Chutney
      That happens to me sometimes and Laura....the site logs us out, it drives me stir crazy :D It very rarely happens now though, just occasionally. Does yours still do it, @Laura2014?
    • BrownGirl
      I have edited Judith's post. judithlyn, your racist comments are vile and will not be tolerated. Please stop posting pictures and name of the victim.
    • Mum2knowitallteen
      @Mango Chutney I couldn't agree more with your comments Mango. Your post was so eloquent and heart felt. I was sickened to once again read Judithlyn's comments about a poor dead woman who can do nothing to defend herself. You repeatedly say what a nice, kind person you are Judithlyn. But calling a fellow victim vile names and making spurious accusations against her, when you know she is not able to defend herself is neither kind nor nice. How would you feel if someone was making those sort of comments about you? I don't understand why you continue to stay in contact with that revolting excuse for a man and continue to obsess over details of his relationship with N. Let the poor woman rest in piece and move on with your life. Members on here have been asking you for sometime to stop posting photos with her in them and stop making these truly appalling comments yet you continue. What do you think that says about you? The prostitute you paid for, for the past three years doesn't care how much you tell him off. You staying in contact with him lets him know there is an open door for him to screw yet more money out of you. I appreciate how hurt and angry you are, but you will heal much more quickly if you block all contact with your prostitute and his family and friends.
    • Mango Chutney
      @Mum2knowitallteen, yes....it's really sad to read the complete character assassination of a woman that just fell for the wrong man....it really upsets me.

      N was not a bad person, I know her FB inside out due to looking for proof, she loved him a lot, he was all over her wall, not just pics, but quotes and songs dedicated to him. Her other posts were warm, friendly, sometimes religious....she was not a bad person, she seemed quite soft hearted, her love and pride in her family was published for all to see....so this ripping her character apart after death is cruel, spiteful and undeserved.

      My rat slated his other victims when I found them, said they were nothing, they were cheap whores etc...but not for one moment did I ever believe him. I have no doubt that he probably describes me the same way now that I've left him, he will need to manipulate his new victim(s) into believing I am the 'Baddie'....but of course, it's lies, just lies to manipulate them as he tried with me, and as Abdelhak Rahali has successfully done with Judith.

      Victims/survivors should have each others backs, in life and death...we all suffered the same. Jealousy, hate and backstabbing reflect badly on the person that does it.

      I agree, N needs to be left to rest in peace. My only comfort in her cruel and early death, is that she went to the grave not knowing what the man she loved had done to her.
    • Judithlyn
      I have completely blocked Abdelhak Rahali in every means to contact me! The only way he might reach me is by a real phone call, but I’m not at home to answer the phone. I had blocked him before but then I was still hurting so badly that I would unblock. This time, no going back. Mentally and emotionally, he was keeping me an absolute mess! I decided about a week ago that I MUST move forward with my life! The emotional roller-coaster was taking too much of a toll on me in many ways! I love those videos. They are helping me a lot! I sure see a lot of him and me in those descriptions! Thanks for all of your encouragement! These past 5 months have been hell! I’m glad to finally be in closure mode and moving ahead and being alone! He was a real control person! He was controlling me from Tunisia. In all of the other areas of my life, I’m a super strong person, a real pit bull in the business world, but with him, I was just putty in his hands. I’m even mad at me for letting things get that way. Well, no more! Enough is enough! I really did it....I blocked him 100% across the board! I’m proud of myself! I know it was the right thing to do!
    • Judithlyn
      @Mum2knowitallteen He is completely blocked across every means! Two days ago, I blocked ALL contact, all means of contact, yet tonight, I got a Snapchat crap from him! I never look at that sight or most other dating sights! He’s blown his life! I decided and finally got strong enough to move on....ALONE! It’s been very rough! He was a master at mind control, manipulation, and all control! I see it clearly now but I was truly blinded for 3 + years! I have too much free time now, even when working 15 + hours per day! He took up every morning and many hours every night of my life for over 3 years! I still hurt because I truly and deeply loved him! I’m such an idiot! Oh well...live and learn! I’m writing a book now... guess who is getting at least 2 chapters in it??? I just hope that he leaves my friends alone!!!
    • Mum2knowitallteen
      @Judithlyn He can only contact you on Snap Chat because you haven't blocked him there ! (so you clearly haven't blocked him everywhere)
      1. Go to your friends list.
      2. Tap the name of the offending rat.
      3. Hit the gear icon that appears next to their name.
      4. Select Block to stop receiving Snapchats from the rat. Delete him from your contacts.
      How sad to see you still haven't acknowledged how appallingly you have behaved in respect of your fellow victim and how inappropriate your racist comments were.

      You didn't truly love him. You loved the fantasy you created in your head of what you wanted him to be. The reality was that he was a prostitute who only stayed with you because you paid him to.

      Don't waste your time or energy writing about him. Hardly a topic of interest to anyone. Why don't you use some of your free time to spend quality time with people who are your real friends and your family.

      You can use some of the thousands and thousands you would have spent on your prostitute to do a bucket list trip, go on adventures, have fun with family and friends, donate to a favoured charitable cause.

      Why not also look at volunteering with those who truly deserve your help and compassion; those who are homeless, children with disabilities, refugees for example. This will help you have a better perspective on life.
    • Judithlyn
      I tried liking your comment but it says, “I don’t have permission to like it”! Unfortunately, I’m alone in this world....no family, no kids, but I am very blessed with great friends. They are trying to help me through this nightmare! They all accepted Abdelhak because they trusted my judgment! I’m embarrassed and ashamed, but thankfully, nobody seems to be holding it against me. My friends know that my world has been absolutely turned upside down for over 3 years! I blocked him on Snapchat too! As for charities, you just can’t imagine how much I’ve helped. I’m not talking about me now so I’m not going into it, but homeless people, animals, and hurting children have a very special place in my heart....and wallet! I think anybody who knows me will tell you that I have a very big heart! Sometimes, it is stupid too and gets used! I don’t know what I feel these days... sad, ashamed, embarrassed, broken-hearted....probably all of the above! Thank you for letting me vent to people who understand! My friends try but they really can’t imagine this bezness crap or that someone as strong as me fell into it! That is even shocking to me! Abdelhak is really really good at this garbage! He fooled me who normally can not be fooled! That’s why I send out warnings to potential victims!
    • Judithlyn
      Who is this? Uses the name Abdelhak Rahali with his parents home telephone number! Hummmm!?!?! Interesting, wouldn’t you say? A cousin, I’m betting! :(:sick::p:DThe pic doesn’t want to download!:Evil:
    • AmberHeart
      What horrible and unfair comments for an innocent victim. It wasn’t edited nor got an apology for false accusations. So good to see everyone else here defended her.
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