Dangerous Rat from Douz

Heidi, Apr 20, 2016
    • Heidi
      Btw. ex members Tunisien and proud and Tbm in the threads are the rat himself ;)

      He lives in a part of Douz named Garbie
    • simple
      Big fat dirty rat ,,,who threatens and intimdates women
    • Heidi
      Rat description 2012 by an eyewitness: He has curly rather long hair and is a rather fat person...especially his bottom...he walks in a rather funny way, let's say a little bit like a goose...
    • Zensis
      Hello Heidi, and an the women, who are involved in this story,

      as I have seen that you don´t stop writing about Tarek Ben Minoun I want to clear a lot. May be you understand, I hope y are intelligent women.

      At first, I am a journalist and drive a lot, specially into arabian countries, because I like this places of the world with their culture and people and so on. I have some good tunesian friends in my town.. in my mothers house there was a nice familie from Hamamet. And they had very good connections, about that I have some more tunisian friends here from more than 30 years. I know the mentality and I can not imagine that tunisian woman are able to write this bad and ugly words about anyone, specially if they don´t know the person. May be I am wrong, would like to know where they are coming from. They must have had very bad and sad past.
      I tell you something: Before you judge about anyone you have to proof both sides very good and don´t forget the human rights. About that you can get a lot of trouble with the justice, because it´s not allowed to do it, speciall in Google. They have their rules too.

      To my person: when I planed to go to Douz for some vacation, one of the ladys from here has relativies in Douz and she namend Tarek as a good travel guide for the desert and Matmata I wanted to go. So we came in contact at the beginning of 2016. We called and did write a lot, nearly each day, because we found out, that we have a lot in common. Then I came to Douz and we are a couple since then.
      I can only say the best of him, He is a very responsible person with a big heart, intelligent and the best friend you can have. There was no reason not to trust him, he didnt´ask me for anything. He only was giving. And - there is nothing to get from me, I am a normal woman, have to work hard like everybody here.

      I am not a victim of Tarek, I clear it now.
      Found your homepage by a hap, because I am interested in everything about Tunisia and specially the area Douz. I was more than shoked when I saw, what the women are writing there. We would say no niveau, never. So many bad words so ugly and hatefully, what´s wrong with these women? I did read the whole story two times and saw, that his ex-girlfriend didn´t talk bad about him, she made no business with him, gave him no money - and the story about his european woman and a son is not proofed. And about that no reason to name him a rat. That would be his privat thing. But in the meanwhile I know it´s all a lie.

      I talked about that with Tarek and saied I will get an account on this platform and try to get informations about everything and specially a contact to his Ex Alice. I made me to a "victim" to get more informations perhaps and the contact. You remember our conversation. But when I saw there are still two other women searching for him, I was sure, there´s something wrong. this women are not looking for him, they must have other reasons, may be to make him bad again. May be the girlfriend who acted as Alice (I know now). I guessed it because of the way of writing. That was only a feeling, but I think that was right my feeling. Because nobody of you shows his real personality. I am not used to that. In my job we are fair, have rules and we respect each humans rights. Show me your face. Now you know who Zensis is.

      After that - not getting a contact I stopped writing because of all this negative women. Only wrote a little commentar about being fair.
      So now you know about me. I am not a victim . I love Tarek and I respect him as a very good friend and may be more for ever. I am very happy, to have found him, I know his brothers and sisters. And that´s a good family. He invited my family to visit him. I have a son and we will see him soon. We all have contact - also the Tunisian family - with him. And about that: he is not fat, he is big and I love that, he is a nice man, and how he walks - I like it too. And - I am not an ugly woman...

      You can be sure; I know a lot about Tunisian rats and love scammers. Allready did knew about before Tarek came in my life. Germany is not the end of the world. And I am a journalist and know what´s going on. I allready did read about this before I got in contact with Tarek. And he gave me no brainwash. I am very clear in my mind and brain. And love doesn´t make me blind.
      And Marie Jose cleared it all, you should believe here.

      So I wish you all the best, and don´t forget: everything bad you do to anyone comes back to you.
    • Heidi
      Can´t tell if troll or just extremely stupid :D
    • Emily93
      @Zensis first of all: you are not a journalist. if you were your english would be alot better. second: tunisian women dont talk like european women? are you joking? they are alot worse. they shout all the dirt out of their mouths out to the world. and third: if you talk for a rat who did harm to maybe many women i guess you are one yourself. please dont long for apples you cant reach. before you talk so much bullshit about your history make sure you can support such thing. lmao reading it. thanks for entertaining me but you make me sick.:Evil::Evil::Evil::Evil:
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    • Emily93
      @Zensis good luck to you with a rat and yes: what goes around comes around lol. see it every day now. makes me happy :D
    • Mutter2009
      Tarek Benmimoun hat ein 6 jahre altes kind wirklich .
      Ich bin die mutter dieses kindes.
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    • Heidi
      @Mutter2009 , have you got a picture for this album, you can put it here
      @Mutter2009 , hast du ein Foto für dieses Album, du kannst es hier einstellen
    • Heidi
      @Zensis , since you are a journalist, I have to say, better brush up on your research talents :whistle:

      Mutter2009 @Heidi
      xxx xxxxx hat ein 6 jahre altes kind wirklich .
      Ich bin die mutter dieses kindes.

      Translation : xxx xxxxx really has a 6 year old child. I´m the mother of this child
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    • Sun rise
      @Zensis again some one caught your lies! You are not a journalist :) and you underastemeded us :) the lie is alway's shorter than the true!
    • Rose pink
      I got 9 childs with tarek and i know he have 47 childs all over europe...but i never tald him about mine...because i stard new in my homeland...:oops:
    • Heidi
      @Rose pink , going back to La La Land ? Have fun :D
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    • Heidi
      @Rose pink = xxx xxxxx (showing his feminine side now) [​IMG]
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