Foued Hsini aka David - Tunisian Love Rat

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Heidi, Oct 6, 2018
    • Heidi
      Animator, now at Delphin World Habib Monastir before in Riadh Palms Sousse
    • Heidi
      Quote Stella - Google translation

      27 year old gentle and kind, looking for prey to be sent money through western union by smearing his family, inventing hospitalizations and accidents. The boy is smart. It has more fb accounts, vk (Russian fb), twitter and instagram. You will never see a like on a woman from these accounts. Everything happens through watsapp and messanger, all then hidden. He will never ask for money directly, but through empathy he will touch your heart. He has more sim cards, more telephones. He will bombard you with messages, phone calls saying he will think only of you, he will always use sweet words to wish you good morning, Good night all the time until you have understood that you have become his prey and that you can not do without it. Until, he will disappear for a few days and then magically reappear and make up some excuse: stolen phone. Or disappear for 8 hours ........ The moment you ask him some questions, where he had disappeared, he will get angry and say that you do not trust him, making you go through the wrong one. It is not a silver mouse that seeks a visa to leave Tunisia, rather tries to be maintained to live in Tunisia. His family seems accomplice. He worked between the Riad Hotel and the Delphine Hotel period that I attended from April to July 2018. Be careful he is a good boy, kind and sweet. The boy is very very smart.
    • Heidi
    • StrictlyDance
      He's absolutely rank! Turn him upside down and you can use him to clean your toilet! :p
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