Helmi Nadhour

from holiday in morrocco agadir

    • martinaLatvia
      he is a rat love from morocco his name is helmi nadhour lives in agadir he works now in call center in casablanca ....
      what a shame meeting a person like him ...well he never asked for anything just he played with my heart ..................
    • Mango Chutney
      Hello Martina....welcome to TLR :)

      Unfortunately, North Africa seems to be absolutely heaving with this trash :Evil:
      Must admit....I got excited when I saw his name....we have another Helmi Nadour here, but he is Tunisian...and is not this man :D
      Well done for putting this rat out in public....it's a warning for others....ensures they don't suffer your hell.
      Stay with us :)
    • martinaLatvia
      thank you for your answer
    • BrownGirl
      @martinaLatvia I have deleted the pictures with children. Rats only please
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