Houssem (Alex) Riabi

Allready in europe!Convicted off violance and uses more woman at the same time for visa and money
This former animator (animator name was Alex) from hammamet has multiples woman at the same time.He talks about marriage and a baby very quickly. Also to more woman at same time. He is allready in europe(netherlands),but illegal now!!!since March 2016.
He got arrested and got 7 months prison for DOMESTIC VIOLANCE against his european wife and children in 2014.
They took away his parental rights and he has no visitation rights for his child.
But he shows pictures off another child and says this is his child and lying that he sees his child whenever he wants. He hasn't seen his child for 2 years!!!
He is always involved in relationships with more woman same time.He takes their money and needs them for visa.He always lies. He will putt woman and even children down also, by calling names and he is extremely jaelous. But especially: he is DANGEROUS AND NARCICISTIC!
His name is Houssem Riabi,but also goes by Alex Houssem or Houssem Riabni, used to live near Eindhoven NL
His verdict is online :
Go to:
And type in the following code and click search. Or simply type the code into Google, and you will also get to the verdict. About domesticatie violance commited by Houssem Riabi in Hapert (NL)
Cowardly git.. why was he not deported if he was given a jail sentence for being a bully. must have been a brutal beating.. and parental rights taken away.. assholes..

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