Mohamed Brinsi (facebook- Hamma Ben Ali/ Hamma Jbali)

Prostitute from Hammamet, who perfectly pretends to be a "gentleman", "a different". Could be iInterested in visa.

Liona, Feb 9, 2019
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    • Liona
      So, due to unfortunate circumstances, his album has gone. But since there is known he is still rocking away, it will be better to leave him for a while. It could help someone to save their mental health, self-confidence. It could be for someone that very proof which many of us have been looked for ( it sounds like "no, he is not different"). Now, some boring facts and zero emotions. Being married with Tunisian girl he fell in love with another one accidentally forgot to mention he has still been married. ( but we will not blame him for this so much, many men sincerely believe if they don't live with their wives they are divorced). When his new passion left home he had very fun time with another ones ( proved). Obviously he has big @ick and such a hot thing? Oh, sorry, heart? Both wrong. Proved at least by 3 women.)) Romantic has been followed silent treatment, blockings,well, you know all this stuff from their manual. At last he fell in love with another girl, married her ( now he had to divorce his Tunisian wife). When his Europen wife and their baby went to Europe prior to happy dad, happy daddy has been shagging with girls again. Proved. Then he joined his new family in Europe, but not for a long time. Something must went wrong/ right, because very soon he claimed being in love again, with the next one! I swear, I myself start to believe he must have a big @ick/ heart. But I should be strong and throw such a thoughts away, because I know the truth already. He made a romantic journey to Europe again ( though to another country) with new woman. But this did not last long again. We have at least 3 women who got him seriously, and were cynically betraied. Due to the last news he has been seen in a company with a women his mother's age, mocking them. These women gave him the money for some reason. I think you could spend funny time with him, as some women have been doing ( proved). But if you take him seriously, if you believe that with you everything is for real, you will be in danger. This is just a guy for fun, no more.
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