Nour Habachi

Worst rat ever
This 45 year old tunisian rat loves tagged.com, here are some pics from a week ago. This one started working at a friend's flower shop he thinks i should be proud that he is responsible for himself but the truth is family and friends got tired of supporting this dead weight He wants to leave Tunisia at all costs. I am not giving him the spousal visa because he changes his mind every week and leaves me to suffer for something I did not do, off he goes to another German victim and is sure he will seek employment there. Hahah he is ugly by the way I can do better than this.
I want to add the reason that ended the relationship from 2 days ago although he has hurt me many times before, he humiliated me on his facebook profile, he laughed using laughing emojis and added pics to insinuate that I was crazy to the replies when I tried to reason with him. He deleted it before I could get a screenshot because he realizes how smart I am like that. I will never forget how he sadistically tore me apart THAT WAS IT FOR ME! Does anyone see how evil it is to destroy someone as nice as I was to him??? This cruelty was there before but never like this!!!:Cry::Cry::Cry::Cry::Cry:
@yougogirl75 Leaving you to suffer and guess what u did wrong is their method to make you go soft hhh and be nicer and try harder with gifts, visas and all. Never give in ! He would start sulking, drinking , screaming at the top of his voice and beating you one fine day - if you gave him that chance. Do you need that? NO!
@Masha yes, that's what it is trying to get me to try harder when he does nothing at all. It's like look at me buy me take care of me, baby need a bottle. Now that I don't buy into his crap anymore, he is spreading shit around about me on facebook so I cannot help what he says, I just block, delete, ignore. I am too good for this one, because I know I am worthy, more educated and I still have good looks too. I get attention from other men just going out and I know someone is interested in me already, at least I will get more out of it than I ever did this lump of nothing LOL
@yougogirl75 Believe me us women have to be very careful who we choose to be with. It is good it stopped where it stopped. Those rats are full of vengenance and envy once they lose ground. Delete ur fb and inform ur friends u will open a new account and then make ur friends private or else he will spread venom all around.Life is too short to waste it >be happy while ur healthy and take care of yourself always in the first place xxx

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