Sizif Hercule real name AHMAD BOUKHARI ABDOULI

He is one time a psychiatric doctor , a law professor .... He works with different social network! With different profil but is real date of birth is 05.05.1986

Now I've time, my rat is trying to seduce European or russian womens and so i've no message in my messenger!
I've not a perfect English but I met him in september 2016 on a facebook group for anxiety and panic attaks! At this time, i was not healthy, i've read all posts and on one of them I discover a lot of arabic exchanges. It was the beggining of the possibility to translate with facebook. I've translated this post and one arabic woman thanks him for his advices and to have the possibility to speak with an arabic psychiatric doctor. He was posing for a doctor. I sent him a message and it was the beginning of my story. After one month, I vas doubting about his job, but he take pictures from an hospital....I've found a bresilian friend of him , i contacted her. She said me the truth, but i was fall in love and that was already to late!

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