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This rat !!works on beach sousse kantoui with camel horse .he is married to is tunisian couison .he will trick you into a marriege but it will never happen .his wife wonts him to get visa to get her to uk
@Heidi hi i no but he pretends to the woman that he is not married .and that he needs money to clean his papers so he can marry the nxt torist he picks up .he has to con woman so he can take care of his wife and children .what gets me hes picking up really younge girls .
So long has the new comers .get a little insight on this rat !!after that there choice .i wouldent let this hapoen to my daughter .so im trying to protect others daughters ☺☺
His name by the way girls is yassine hanzouli .i will put more up to date pics up for you be carefull he is crazy trust me .❤
Hey girls this rats already bragging to me that he gets is cock sucked by girl from newcastle he calls her (slut)he also tells me she is cleaning is papers omg !!rd for disapointment .he needs the miney for his wife !!and family !!there will be no you and him .you can ask me enything you need to no i left this rat when i sussed him out he dident leave me he is still trying to be with me now .i also think he does a little hypnosis on you so yes its an illisusion that he knows you need hes good !!at it been in beach shagging since he was 14 watch out !!

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