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  1. Wannahelpu


    In fact, it took me a while to realize that the biggest loser in this story was himself. I mean the rat with whom I got involved. He was able to produce evidence about his own abuse and who he really was and there is nothing more humiliating about someone than playing dirty. Anyone can win when...
  2. Jisela

    What's the Difference Between Paris Hilton's Chihuahua and a Tunisian Rat?

    It seems like a joke, but it's an honest question. What's the difference between a woman's accessorized "pets" like Paris Hilton's Chihuahua and a younger Tunisian rat? Are there some overlooked similarities here, and maybe there are some deeper psychological reasons rich women will choose an...
  3. M

    The Habibi Group

    Wow.....I am so angry at my new discovery! I just found this out from another survivor somewhere else....and she said it was ok to share it here. THE RATS HAVE A FREAKIN HABIBI GROUP!!!!! :Evil: This group is not for hints and tips on the best victims to target or visa and benefits loopholes...
  4. M

    Private detectives: You can have your rat investigated!

    Looks like the TLR rat trappers have some very handy competition!! Popping it in this forum, as I want it public. :thumbsup: If you go into the actual ad, you can choose from many languages. Here's to destroying bezness and Tunisian male prostitutes together...
  5. M

    La77aas - The Alternative Approach to Bezness.

    Yesterday, I was made aware of this new approach to Bezness. This approach is very familiar to us survivors in this forum, as we have witnessed it here, but having an actual name for it is gold dust: La77aas :thumbsup: Some members here may try to contradict this post and attempt to make my...
  6. Katiaaa002


    Hello everyone! It has been a few months that I registered on this website but this is my first post ever! Okay, so here is my question: did anyone of you stay at the Carribean World in Djerba / Lookea Playa Djerba during the spring 2016 (April/May/June)? Or maybe one of you goes there pretty...
  7. "Chedy Ch"

    "Chedy Ch"

    Do you recognize this man?