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  1. P

    Oussama Elfajri, rat and cyber criminal from Fès, Morocco

    This is the post I had written about him : https://www.tunisianloverats.com/threads/oussama-elfajri-rat-in-fez-morocco.5270/ I thought I should add a few pictures as well so that women can identify him (otherwise he will say it's not him but another Oussama Elfajri!)
  2. Wissem Ghrissi

    Wissem Ghrissi

    Young rat,now illegally in France
  3. Rat from Gafsa

    Rat from Gafsa

    He said his name is Maher and he's living in gafsa. Always a gentleman, but also always meaning how poor he is. Yesterday he had the nerve to ask for money! I " met" him less than 2 weeks ago on a Muslim info site. I said no to the money and then he got rude and nasty, calling me every bad name
  4. amiraa_p

    My crazy rat story!!

    Back in September 2015, I met a guy off of Buzzarab app. I thought the world of him! Our relationship started to gain more and more. Fast forward a few months, he all of a sudden disappeared April-June ...? I finally got him to reply me after I threatened him to. His excuse was he was "studying...
  5. joon

    What are some of the lies your Rat told, that made you realize he was a Rat?

    My Rat is arrogant and a clever manipulator, but he didn't anticipate that he was dealing with someone more intelligent than he. The moment I was sure he was a lying Rat was when he said " I never think to come to YOUR America, I only think come to America for you." " I prefer to go to Canada...