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nour habachi

  1. Nour Habachi

    Nour Habachi

    Getting old now, sun scorched and working on the street all day!
  2. Screenshot_161.png


    ON his tagged.com profile, talking up the ladies sure is a prize! LOL
  3. Nour Habachi

    Nour Habachi

    He claims it was all just a test , what a nightmare that is being too nice for this monster was hell itself
  4. Nour Habachi

    Nour Habachi

    ET go home, why do they all make those peace signs or devil horns with their hands???
  5. Nour Habachi

    Nour Habachi

    How do you like his leather skin, liver lips, shitty teeth and brillo pad hair? Never stops wearing his wife beater out like the tunisian rat farmer he is!
  6. Nour Habachi

    Nour Habachi

    So the picture is too good for his ugly self, he never opens his mouth in any pictures they look like a train wreck he has the worst overbite ever. He has the cockiest attitude about himself yet look at this pic the proof is in the pudding!
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    I could not resist putting this back on, its hilarious. This was during his attempt at suicide
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    Casanova,dreamer, collectionist of love songs and sayings of loving sweet words.