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  1. Bensalem


    Dear All, I want to talk about International Online Rats, These guys are labeled now as cyber-criminals .. I will also, talk about cyber-police in Tunisia ! What is a Cyber-Rat, Cyber-Criminal ? Cyber-Rats, are one of the worst types of Rats out there. These guys are so smart, very nerdy...
  2. K

    Nidhal Bouslimi - Tunisian in France

    Rat's name: Nidhal Bouslimi D.O.B. 11.11.1995 Originally From: Jendouba, Tunisia Employment: Louage Driver of a louage his father owns Currently living in: Paris, France Employment status: Unemployed and living off of his Canadian girlfriend and her children. Mode of Transportation: Black...
  3. J

    Mohamed Jarboui aka Leosar1902 on instagram Leopar on fb

  4. S

    I was so stupid...

    You know when you're in a moment and you do something that is so out of character that you actually ask yourself, "What in the **** am I doing?" Well, I had that moment and I ignored it. That's how Amine entered my life and that's how I blocked him today (four months later) and have gotten the...
  5. A

    What to do with online rats?

    I stumbled on this side (no kidding) looking for a decent Couscous recipe, and got stuck. I read around a bit, and felt the need to help as well as shame, for not helping women I encountered earlier. I worked for an NGO in Tunisia for a bit more than a year, and have seen many of these...