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  1. Arkady

    Said Hassan

    does anyone here know a Said Hassan? There’s some guy by that name claiming he knows me trying to get in touch on messenger. Don’t know him from Adam, and I don’t see him in the gallery. Says he studied at Al Asher Universith Gaza. Don’t want to be rude, but ain’t wasting my time on a rat.
  2. C

    Another Cheating Rat

  3. Marymary99

    Mr Lova Lova

    This is my first time posting someone here, but I couldn't resist this guy is so ridiculous. He's probably here already. Mods, if I am posting improperly, please let me know and be kind to the newbie. :) This modest fellow calls himself Mr Lova Lova. Here's his tagged profile. :D He's...
  4. Rat from Gafsa

    Rat from Gafsa

    He said his name is Maher and he's living in gafsa. Always a gentleman, but also always meaning how poor he is. Yesterday he had the nerve to ask for money! I " met" him less than 2 weeks ago on a Muslim info site. I said no to the money and then he got rude and nasty, calling me every bad name
  5. Katiaaa002


    Hello everyone! It has been a few months that I registered on this website but this is my first post ever! Okay, so here is my question: did anyone of you stay at the Carribean World in Djerba / Lookea Playa Djerba during the spring 2016 (April/May/June)? Or maybe one of you goes there pretty...
  6. magic

    Rat man

  7. amiraa_p

    My crazy rat story!!

    Back in September 2015, I met a guy off of Buzzarab app. I thought the world of him! Our relationship started to gain more and more. Fast forward a few months, he all of a sudden disappeared April-June ...? I finally got him to reply me after I threatened him to. His excuse was he was "studying...
  8. Z

    Does anyone know if this guy is a rat?

    I have blocked him now. Than you for your support, really <3