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  1. amiraa_p

    You were to me what God is to you

    Two years.. two whole years of texting, calling and writing to each other. No actual visits because, well..... you know why Hamza! I'm going to try and keep this short... short and sweet if I can. I'll try my best ☺️ After two cancelled bookings due to your flirtatious antics with young...
  2. amiraa_p


    Hello all! I'm posting this for a friend. I had a Tunisian rat before. And I'm doing this behalf on he needs to be called out!!!!! Story time: A while back I got a message on Facebook his name is hamza. Ok I accepted it whatever, right? He messages me and starts flirting! He told me previously...
  3. Katiaaa002


    Hello everyone! It has been a few months that I registered on this website but this is my first post ever! Okay, so here is my question: did anyone of you stay at the Carribean World in Djerba / Lookea Playa Djerba during the spring 2016 (April/May/June)? Or maybe one of you goes there pretty...
  4. BAGIRA !!! ..

    BAGIRA !!! ..

    Known as Bagira his real name is Fahdi Romdhane. He had a wife and a son due in 10 weeks time. He's lost his family because he is violent, a cheat and a liar. Please be aware he will use you for money also !!!
  5. Z

    Does anyone know if this guy is a rat?

    I have blocked him now. Than you for your support, really <3