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    The Habibi Group

    Wow.....I am so angry at my new discovery! I just found this out from another survivor somewhere else....and she said it was ok to share it here. THE RATS HAVE A FREAKIN HABIBI GROUP!!!!! :Evil: This group is not for hints and tips on the best victims to target or visa and benefits loopholes...
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    The Road to Russia - FIFA World Cup 2018

    Some of you may be aware that Russia are hosting the 2018 FIFA World Cup. In my testosterone fuelled house, football talk is pretty constant, so I was made very aware that on 11/11/17....Tunisia miraculously qualified for a World Cup place after a 0-0 draw at home to Libya...
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    La77aas - The Alternative Approach to Bezness.

    Yesterday, I was made aware of this new approach to Bezness. This approach is very familiar to us survivors in this forum, as we have witnessed it here, but having an actual name for it is gold dust: La77aas :thumbsup: Some members here may try to contradict this post and attempt to make my...
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    Visa Hunting Tunisian Love Rats.

    I am starting this thread because it is coming to my attention more and more, that victims are taking comfort from the fact that their rat has not asked for money or gifts. On this, I speak from personal experience as well as frustration...because my rat didn't ask for money or gifts either. I...