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  1. Jennaf

    Tunisia guy living in italy for “work”

    so i get this message on my facebook account from a guy i have never met nor do we have same friends or anyone in common. He starts off by saying hi then am i married! Lol and asking how old i was. Then starts talking about marriage to me. He wants me to go to italy. And its really strange i...
  2. M

    The Habibi Group

    Wow.....I am so angry at my new discovery! I just found this out from another survivor somewhere else....and she said it was ok to share it here. THE RATS HAVE A FREAKIN HABIBI GROUP!!!!! :Evil: This group is not for hints and tips on the best victims to target or visa and benefits loopholes...
  3. amiraa_p

    My crazy rat story!!

    Back in September 2015, I met a guy off of Buzzarab app. I thought the world of him! Our relationship started to gain more and more. Fast forward a few months, he all of a sudden disappeared April-June ...? I finally got him to reply me after I threatened him to. His excuse was he was "studying...
  4. "Chedy Ch"   tunisia

    "Chedy Ch" tunisia

    Targets women on Facebook. Please contact me! My friend and her children could be in danger.
  5. "Chedy Ch"

    "Chedy Ch"

    Targets women on Facebook. Please contact me if you recognize this man!
  6. "Chedy Ch" w "sister"

    "Chedy Ch" w "sister"

    Uses Facebook to target women. Please contact me if you recognize this man or woman.
  7. "Chedy Ch"

    "Chedy Ch"

    Please contact me if you recognize this man.
  8. "Chedy Ch"

    "Chedy Ch"

    Do you recognize this man?
  9. Shanna35

    Tunisian Love Rat ?

    Hi. I have been talking to a guy from tunisia the last month, after two weeks he asked me to lend him 500 dollars because he was i trouble with people he allegedly had some kind of buisness with and afraid to go to jail. I told him no and he accepted it. But then after one more week he asked...
  10. F

    divorce help needed!!!

    hello, i was hoping someone would be able to give me some advice as i need help to find out if my ex tunisian husband has finally put our divorce through the tunisian court. My ex has told me our divorce was granted in June this year but i am still waiting paper work confirming this and he...