A Warning message sent to me


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A question regarding your review of Soviva Resort
Regarding: Port El Kantaoui: Soviva Resort:

From: AngryFather2013
My 15 yo Daughter was raped at this hotel in August by one Marwan Rahali a member of staff there. As I understand it he was released from custody as soon as we left the country and went straight back to his job in the hotel.I have been trying to warn people about this but Trip Advisor keep refusing to post my comments, its only a matter of time before he does it again and Thomas Cook are worse than hopeless on this matter as it may ruin their profits.
New to the Rat forum so unsure if I have posted this in the correct place but I got this message when I posted my review about the Soviva resort and the unwelcome attention my daughter received there.
Bumping this thread again. Summer holiday season approaching and the danger still exists. Women ( and families) need to be warned.