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Discussion in 'Rat on a Rat' started by AnnaM, Feb 1, 2018.

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    Another one of the victims of the member on the other thread :Evil:
    Three years in a cyber relationship, a brief visit to Tunisia to marry internet stranger.....and she hasn't seen him since.....some relationship....some marriage :rolleyes:

    But oh yeah, she's a grown woman, able to make her own choices.....we should support and encourage her as she walks into the lions den....tell her to have fun :rolleyes:
    We're doing it all wrong, apparently.....we should not be educating these women on bezness, and doing everything possible to save them from our own destruction....we should support them as they go into self destruct mode :Evil:

    This woman will be destroyed, just as Shelly Cherif was, after being encouraged by the same member to enter a bezness relationship :Cry:

    Well, I'll advise this Green Card wife again....and I ain't frightened of some peculiar rat groupie, that thrives on seeing good women like Heidi C, Shelly and this one destroyed......I advise her to use her spare time to build a wall around her keep that damn scamming rat out :thumbsup:
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    She wants to help Trump to build the wall and wants her rat to immigrate to the States. She can't have her cake and eat it too.
    It's impossible to have something both ways, if those two ways conflict :rolleyes:
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    I know right? Its laughable.
    I have one wife on my facebook who keeps sharing things like boats full of immigrants , saying piss off we are full.
    She has just brought her second foreign hubby here hahaha
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    Apr 14, 2018
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    I think we need the wall. But, our government and media seems so ineffective and corrupt, I'm starting to think we need to build a wall around congress, the white house, the pentagon, and all the major media corporations to keep them all locked out, too. I keep hoping for the best, but I somewhat think I'll end up an Expat again, somewhere like in Spain or Portugal, because I'm somewhat tired of this spectacle and stress here.

    If I move abroad, I'll tell everyone I'm Canadian because I'm tired of politics. I was almost the biggest hypocrite bringing a rat in, but I would never go through with it. I was too irritated, seething, angry, and pissed off about it my rat's behavior. I was already forcing myself to stay, taking care of his health was a focus (I didn't have it in me to leave him sick - this stupid rat jihad prick...), but after overseeing that everything naturally turned to hate. I pulled the plug. I couldn't justify even speaking with him anymore.

    My rat had been undergoing treatment for PTSD along with other health problems, and he wanted to find a way to cover that up. I wouldn't have lied to the USA about his psychological health problems. There's no way. And, they wouldn't let him in with those kinds of health problems. He just didn't understand that. You can get an application for a marriage visa, but if you're a hot mess with a criminal background, a health history, drug record, anything like that... you're out.

    Whether my rat is insane, inbred and delusional, narcissistic, or afflicted by some other influence, I'll never know. But, he didn't seem to understand how he needed to be stable enough to clear a health exam, a background check, and prove that he was reliable. It just goes to show, these guys are good manipulators but they're limited by their I.Q. They can only jump so high, if you get what I mean? So, the sad part is many people want to immigrate, but whether or not they're even capable of immigrating is another topic, completely.
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