Anyone know Ala


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No Im not married. I've put 3 rats in the gallery. 2 from the Iberostar in Mahdia, both seedy waiters who were pestering me throughout my first holiday. Anis and Yassine, it was Yassine that got married in October so he obviously cheating while engaged.
Fethi is the other in the gallery, he's from Hammamet and was the waiter who would take me out then I found out he was married with one child and another on the way.
Iberostar in Mahdia also has such a rat nest. This rat Yassine married a German. I know only because I've heard a conversation between my Ex rat Slaheddin Attia and him.


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They are all blocked. Yes I met the first on holiday and had another holiday booked but we fell out and I changed the booking at the last minute so I went alone to a different resort. There were lots of obvious rats there but there was one who seemed ok and he took me out a few times, nothing happened with him (although he tried) but I later found out he was married so I've put him in the Media Section. I met Ala there and was immediately attracted to him and forgot all my upset over my previous boyfriend.
Unfortunately, it is common to meet someone when you are in a vulnerable situation. Everyone make mistakes .