Betrayed and he's going to pay.


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ok here I have one ......
when I was telling mine that I'm done.... he had one of his other women that I know about, and really don't like her.. message one of my friends on facebook... Telling my friend that " This is my man just to get it straight" with a pic of him... So when I confronted him about why he had her do this... well of course he said he did not have her do that... ( well I know better)

So later that night I got on his skype and chatted it up with one of his male cousins.........


So there is a programme on channel 5 called "betrayed and he's going to pay", and it got me wondering. Did any of you lovely ladies ever get revenge on your love rats?

Can't wait to hear your stories! Xx
It isn´t my story but what a nice way to get revenge on the internet :D

A blog about Bilel Lamouchi, a Tunisian love rat who scams western women


and here the revenge pictures :cool:

see clearly

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I'll give you one of my stories.. One ex didn't like me making marks on the chopping board.. (Wft, that's what it's for right?) anyway when we broke up I engraved as large as I could the words "C_NT", into it!!
sounds like your well out of that - chopping board marks what the fuck??? was he going to give it to someone else as a present or something - good on you girl

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I wish to God I had a pic like that of H! I have got pics, but it's just his little willy, not him.....and of course, there's the infamous video with two fingers :D




After I found my ex-rat flirting and cheating the night before my departure to Tunisia, I told him I'd still catch the plane to Tunis but didn't. I went shopping and treated myself to dinner at olive garden while the dumb ass drove the whole way to the airport to meet me..a 8 or so hour drive from his town..he then sat in the airport for hours waiting for me..He was mad as hell! When I finally replied to his angry messages..I told him ( bread sticks and wine are delicious and sooo satisfying) Yep I'm an evil Carrow lol