California Rat: Wissem Ouesleti AKA Samy or Sam


Major Ratslayer
Hello all,

I’m the OP and I wanted to give an update 7 years after I made this post. I’ve only seen him a hand full of times. He’s almost 50, lost his looks, and each time he finds a job he loses it. Last I heard he is avoiding work because his wages are garnished because he owes the IRS and is living in the streets.

I never mentioned in my original post that he and I share a 17 year old son who’s life he was never a part of.

The reality is love rats will always be just that, they’re rats. They have no happily ever after, they live their lives in the moment without any regard.

I met my ex in 1999, 20 years later all of the anger and hatred that I had for him has turned into pity.

I hope my post helps those who are suffering, get out now and go live your life. Don’t waste another moment on one of these men. Time and Karma will take care of them, trust me.
You have so right karma will catch them.How do you feel today after this bad rat?


Major Ratslayer
DH - darling husband
DF - darling friend
DW - darling wife
DS - darling son
DD - darling daughter

to avoid writing the whole thing, using names or just because you are lazy!!!
thank you so much.. I've always wondered too!! haha