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Aug 29, 2015
Oh let me add, the can cry on que. I'm talking, lights, camera, ACTION!!! Real tears, salty tears. Added bonus, youll get the snot with it.
And wailing....we must not forget the wailing, the begging....the apologies....the accepting everything they are saying, just to get them to stop the staged performance...before that dang snot lands on ya feet!! :D


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Aug 17, 2011
What about saying “thank you” 20 times to make you feel guilty about something you said, the truth, and he doesn’t like it
What about saying “thank you” 20 times to make you feel guilty about something you said, the truth, and he doesn’t like it
Then after all the love crap your a bitch


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Apr 27, 2019
copied from tunisiepro by Etoyoc , best ever advisor!!!!

Every woman who thinks that it is only HER lover who only sends such messages to HER or who picks and composes HIS words so carefully and romantically might think different after she has read the below texts:

I love you and I can't live without you
I adore you
My life has changed since I met you
I love you since I saw you for the 1st time
You are safe
You are the most beautiful / nice / intelligent / sweet girl / woman in the world
I was lost until I found you
Now my life has a meaning
Please come to me soon
I need you
I can’t live my life without you
You are my woman
I miss you, I love you, Will you marry me?
My God says you are my woman.
I 'm poor for now...but my heart very rich of love...and all it's yours
I am for you and you are for me.
You are my life my love
Your voice is so nice / sweet
I want to make a baby with you
I want a baby from you. It will be the nicest and sweetest baby in the world
I want to grow old with you
Our last night shall be like the cream on the milk
If you are sad, remember there is one person in the world who loves you
You are good woman, woman for family
I am different:
I will never ask you for money
I am with you because I love you - all the other guys have women who buy them cars, houses, businesses, give them money or marry them for visas. I don't have any of those things. I have a bad life
I am with you because I want to be with you
I am different, I never ask anyone for anything
Trust me, I am different. I don't joke, I am serious
Stop thinking so much. You think too much, have I given you any reason not to trust me Money:
My grandmother is ill she needs an operation but it is very expensive
My mother is sick
I will I have to go to the army unless I can pay 5000 dinars to get out of it
I'm in the army and I need 20000 dinars to buy me out!
My son/daughter/brother/sister is getting married and I'm working round the clock to pay for it!
It is winter now I new a new thick coat.
I need some clothes for the winter as I do not have any
I haven't eaten all day (please send money lest I starve to death...!)
I need to buy a cow, the last one died and it's really important for our future it costs 800 dinars!
I need 10000 for my divorce before i can marry you
Send me 500 EUR/UKP/USD to rent an apartment for the week you are coming out to visit me
We only need 15000 dinars to finish the house
I love my family but they are poor and I need to help them
But I am not ok because I want to buy a Macintosh to my older brother and they are too expensive... but I don't want your money!
My telephone was stolen
My telephone fell into the water and is now broken
I need a pair of sportshoes (Nike, Adidas)
We are 4 children and my father is working too much already
We don't have the money to buy a sheep for the holiday
I cannot pay the rent for my shop, can you help?
I was robbed on my way home and they stole me all the money you gave me and my telephone
Personal Excuses:
Why you like to make me angry?
What have I done, why don't you trust me, I could have anyone, but you are the only one in my heart
I have never lied to you. It was the first and only time.
My love, forgive me for talk loud to you but you make me crazy and angry
If I hit you again I will cut off my hand, but you make me do it!
I am a good man
I have changed, I am not anymore like I was before
Poverty / Depression:
I am poor
Can’t find job
There are no jobs
I am so sad that I can not find a job
I hate this job
I have problems
I am not ok
I kill myself
I will have to work until I drop dead

I swear ...
My God says ...
By the eyes / head of my mother Leaving the country:
I love my country (but you can’t have a good life here)
I love my country so so much
I am happy in Tunisia, I don't ever want to leave my country.
OK, I will leave my country if it will make you happy
I tell my mother and she cries but it is ok she wants me to be happy
I already told my family about you and they are so happy for me
My family is so excited to meet you
I love my family so so much
Excuses for telephone switched off:
The battery in my mobile needed charging - that's why my phone was off
I lost my watch so I didnt know the time
I've been sleeping
I've been very sick with a cold (so I haven't been able to answer your calls)
I ran out of credit so I couldnt call you for one month
Excuses for others
numbers / calls / messages:
My friend used my phone the texts are for him!
My friend sent them when he was drunk
My friend used my mobile to text / speak to his Russian girlfriend
It was not another woman just Tunisiana / Telecom asking questions about the service
Don't make sex to anyone there. Wait for me. I am hot. I am crazy in bed
The whole of tunisia is a big brothel
Normally, I tell the women how much I want from them before I spend a night with them. I can earn hundreds of Dinars each night
In my job I could have had many young and very beautyful women (to older or not pretty women)
I feel shy because I am man and you are woman
I want to marry woman, not
girl (to older women)
I know there are good and bad people everywhere. Me, myself, sometimes I'm good, sometimes I am even better.
Don't listen to bad things baby. Dont go on internet.
And they certainly know exactly why they do not want that... :)

By the way ... a lot of extraordinary greasy and longing love texts, preferably in french or english, can be found in the telephones of many tunisian men and women.

someone must have worked very hard to copy them from one of the many collections in the Web (the percentage of contributors from normally arabic speaking countries is especially high with such collections)...
If you received or heard other interesting phrases, and if you'd like to add them to this collection, please do send them to us by email! :)
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How about you are my everything. You are all that I need.. you are my Queen. My life is shit. I love you so much. I can breathe with you..
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