Counter-rat Techniques & Detection Methods


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Jul 13, 2018
4. I Love You, I Hate You: This is one of the most cruel ways to play with your rat's psychology. They are after all, narcissists and love to be told how amazing they are. They actually FEED on this kind of behavior. So, if you're especially angry at your rat, and you want to rub it in a little, try building him up and then knocking him down, unexpectedly. Start with love bombing THEM...

Ex. 1... "You are so sexy, amazing, I've never met a man like you before. There are no men in my country like you. You are so handsome. Your body is amazing. I've never felt like this before..." after you've really built your rat up for about a week or so, move on to the next step...
Ex. 2... "You are a terrible man. You don't love me, and you are a liar. I hate you. I am so upset with you. You make me so mad. Why did you do that? You are the worst man I've ever met!" There are probably better ways to communicate your "I hate you moments" but if you gauge what your rat responds to, like what strokes his ego, you can fine tune your angry spells to hover over those specific areas... maybe throw in a few insults on his hairline, his job, his point of view, his favorite topics, you get the idea.

The "I Love You, I Hate You" method is extremely damaging to the rats omnipresent feeling of awesomeness. You will begin to really notice how your narcissist is not so all-powerful anymore, and starts to doubt their prowess and capabilities almost immediately. Just make sure that you apologize after your angry spells. Give an excuse like you're quitting cigarettes or off your meds. Tunisian rats are somewhat programmed to deal with craziness, and they are MUCH more tolerant with foreigners in this regard, because they're working a con on you and want to stick around! So, make your ups and downs REALLY BIG ups and downs.
This is what my rat did. Now I can’t believe/trust other people. :confused:
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Aug 29, 2015
Oh, I LOVE this thread!! :love:

I would really like to make sure this part quoted below is understood:

Make sure you're not confrontational with your rat on the information you've gathered.
Do not confront him, especially face to face. I made this mistake, I confronted him face to face....and my body carries the scars to this day.
If and when you are ready to tell him what you have discovered, it is crucial that you do it from the safety of your own country....and are mentally prepared for the blackmail and threats that will follow, plus the harassment of your family and friends.
When these rats are cornered, in the words of Our Laura: "There are no limits".
In your own country, your physical safety is assured....unless he lives there, in which will need trusted people with you.


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Apr 14, 2018
Potential Partner, Important Questions
I found this information on a great website. However, consider that detecting lies from a seasoned con-artist may prove much more elusive when asking simple questions and expecting honest answers. Yet, here are some good questions to ask a prospective partner from North Africa or an Arab country.

The questions that you need to ponder over remain the same. Here they are:

1) Does he believe in democracy in his own country or just in non-Muslim countries?
2) Is he willing to convert to your religion for the sake of marriage?
3) Does he think that apostasy is a sin? The Quran recommends death to apostates.
4) Will he let you raise the children of marriage as non-Muslims?
5) Does he agree with Quran 5-33?
6) Does he think that polygamy is good?

These are simple questions. Ask your Muslim girl/boy friend these questions and their answers will tell you how to proceed.
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