Gaith Ben Romdhani / Gaith Peace / Gaith Regen / Oliver Ghait

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Angry Greek Lady
Ohhh girls go to your happy life with your happy partners .. they search to find you . What a women really no give any attention to their men

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Angry Greek Lady
Post first your sweety....I shine so much I am afraid maybe you become blind put your glasses first and when you post your face you will see mine too

Mango Chutney

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Ohhh mango you forget your toy boy too 8rememper you had a good time I see your photos ....pffff no thanks dear
I sure did have a good time....nothing better than being beaten countless times because you refused to get he of no set age a visa.....t'was like a party every day with that one :thumbsup:
Is that what you do? Do you beat innocent people that refuse to get you a visa?