General: About Orfi/Urfi/customary marriages


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They are not valid in Egypt either!
Egyptian authorities do not accept that an Egyptian and a tourist live together without being married. Many foreign women have to sign off-paper in order to live together. Ofri marriage is an Islamic marriage where she actually signs that she accepts Sharia law in Egypt. The problem with these papers is that if they talk about children they have together then she has no rights even if the paper says he will share half with her. Not all areas in Egypt accept an unmarried marriage or they have to show the police that they are married and some police people only accept genuine marriages from Cairo.


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Ofri marrage (Islamic marriage) exists in Egypt especially if they are married to one of their own as some of these men often have mistresses next to (disgusted)


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Yes, that is correct. Orfi marriages in Egypt are generally not valid when one of the partners is a foreign citizen - BUT they will be mostly accepted anyway in the tourist regions like Hurghada, Sharm El Sheikh, etc.

According to a member of Egyptian parliament, there are in Egypt like 16 different types of Orfi marriages, btw.