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I would be going over for a week in November and iv just found lots of information on a website which again has been very helpful
It covers Tunisian men
Living in Tunisia
Bill and expense
Family ect
Makes a very interesting read that's for sure!
Can you please give the name of this website.


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Hi all
I went to Tunisia on holiday where I met a guy working in the hotel I stayed in
We spent a lot of time chatting and had a walk on the beach after he had finished work one night

He is very charming and very respectful we did however have a kiss on the beach in the dark
Would him kissing me be what he would do with a female from Tunisia?
I know public affection is not acceptable but no one was about
He also wants me to go back over to see him again and has told his family about me..... Is this a sign of a rat? He's not asked me to stay with his family when I go back over

We talk every day since my return to the UK and he says him misses me and thinks about me all the time (which I do him but maybe for different reasons)

What are the signs of a rat that I should look out for?
As upto now he's seemed very genuine
He invited you drink a cup of coffee?who paid in restaurant or coffees you or he?sorry for my bad english have a nice day!my rat never paid me nothing lol


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When we first arrived at the hotel we booked a trip with him, I didn't have the right money on me for the trip so instead of giving him more money I underpaid him and said I would give him the difference tomorrow. So we talked the day after due to this reason
We got on really well so kept chatting everyday as he always moved around the hotel selling the trips so I was bound to bump into him a few times a day
Due to this and having a laugh and getting on so well
He asked me to go for dinner and coffee one night about 7 minutes from the hotel but I didn't feel compy with that so I asked him to go for a walk on the beach at 8 when he had finished work
We sat and talked about nothing just general chit chat and laughing
He didn't feel compy with the beach but he knew that was his only option if he wanted to see me when he wasn't working
I know they don't show affection in public but no one was around just a couple of kids further down the beach

He always text me first haha iv been like that with any relationship iv had I don't put the leg work in its the man's job to do that
I do call him on a night to talk about the day
But it's 55p per text so I tend try not even to reply to his text in the day today we have exchanged 2 text and a 3 minutes call before he started work

After a year I can't comment on the visa time would tell I guess haha that's if he puts the leg work in for the next year!

My kids are 22 16 13 iv only the youngest with me but high school is my priority for him so until he finishes school it will just be trips to Tunisia mainly on my own

Age difference to me it's not an issue for me and I asked him about the age difference
He said it didn't matter as I look young for my age
Warning sign I now know after reading comments

His wage is probably very low he was talking about prices of things over there like rent ect again because I asked the question to him out of interest
I'm not sure on marriage
I know his parents have an olive farm somewhere so maybe his family have money?!?!

I guessing he knows about how to get out the country by what he's heard or he's looked into it
I guess if you want to know anything now all the information is to hand with the Internet

Kind regards it's much appreciated for your reply
Hi @Sammysmith

How are things going - have you booked to go to Tunisia in November.

You mention children - how do they feel about it, it is important to ask them - I ask because my son is an adult and it worried him sick although he never voiced it at the time - only since it all went wrong did he mention the torment he had gone through worrying about me.

Age difference does make a difference to them - they will not foresee any future with a western woman (nor Tunisian) that is older let alone already have children.

My rat told me ' I don't like Tunisian women blah blah bloody blah' even after I found out he was married he still tried by saying 'I don't love my wife, I love only you, I wish I had met you before I marry'

Please let us know how you are doing.

MH x


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