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    In an effort to get my divorce papers from my ex-husband, I have agreed to remove the information I posted here. I have deleted the pictures and verbiage, but it still shows up when you do an Internet search to some degree (although the Gallery information does not show if you click the link.) I've contacted the administrator 3 times requesting that my profile be deleted, thinking this should resolve the issue 100%

    Does anyone have any other suggestions on how to delete the profile?

    I support all of you women here and your efforts to get your lives back together after what has been done to you, but my divorce is my primary focus at this time.
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    It takes a few days/weeks for the google search to stop bringing up this site, but it will eventually. Even if your account could be deleted, it would not change this. Unfortunately you have to wait.
    If his name and picture are removed thats all you can do.
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    Now It's related to google search engine and not this site . I think that needs a LONG period to be deleted if not impossible.
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    if you got married in Tunisia you dont need to accept his blackmail, you can get divorce even without his agreement
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    How to File for Divorce If You Got Married Overseas

    Last Updated: Mar 13, 2014| By Mike Broemmel The same courts that teminate U.S. marriages can dissolve foreign ones.
    The laws of all U.S. states permit you to obtain a divorce even if your marriage occurred overseas. The only caveat is that the foreign marriage must be valid pursuant to the laws of the country where it occurred, according to the American Bar Association Section of Family Law. The procedures for ending a foreign divorce in the United States are not vastly different from terminating a marriage entered into under the laws of any jurisdiction in the country.

    Step 1

    Go to the office of the court clerk in the county where either you or your spouse reside.
    Step 2

    Obtain a petition for divorce form. In some locations the document is a complaint for divorce form. Make certain you receive the instructions to complete the form from the clerk. Keep in mind that nearly all court clerks maintain basic forms for use by people interested in divorcing who are not represented by attorneys.

    Step 3
    Complete the divorce petition form. One section requires basic information about when and where you wed. In this portion of the petition for divorce, set forth the country, region and locality where you wed, depending on how the country's political structure is designed. Include the date of the wedding as well.
    Step 4
    Attach to the petition the license or certificate issued by the foreign governmental authority confirming your wedding, if that document is available. Providing this documentation is not absolutely necessary. Nonetheless, it conveys information to the court about the foreign marriage through official documentation.
    Step 5

    File the petition for divorce, with the recommended attachment, with the clerk of the court.

    • You must satisfy basic residency requirements in order to file for divorce. Most state statutes require you to reside not only in the state itself but also the county where you intend to file for a specific period of time. These time periods vary from location to location. You can confirm residency requirements through the American Bar Association or the statutes of your state maintained by your state legislature's website.

    • Although terminating a foreign marriage likely will not present any overly significant challenges, even a basic termination of a domestic marriage is complex. Therefore, consider engaging the services of an attorney to represent your interests. The American Bar Association provides contact information for state and local bar associations. In turn, these groups provide directories of attorneys that practice in different areas of the law, including divorce matters.
    Things You'll Need

    • Petition for divorce form
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    You can actually contact Google now and ask them to delete specific results that show up in searches. It's a new thing that they started doing this year.. I have however read though that if you contact google to ask them to delete something from If you did the search from, or any other country the result would still show.
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    Hi guys an update on scabby rat mejri . He's moved on 2 his 3rd victim a polish girl . I've written yet again to h o I wish theyd hurry up and remove this filthy price of scum x
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    He didn’t waste any time after leaving victim No 2, hopefully immigration will catch up with him soon.

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