He's Calling Her. I'm Calling Tunisian Love Rat - Hamza Riahi, Zaghouan

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I posted this on another thread, but I want to leave it here, because it's directly connected to his name, in the case that anyone would be viewing this thread:

My rat bit me. Funny now posting that on Tunisian love rats. But, I had a huge green bruise on my left shoulder where he bit and punched me, and tried to drag me up a stairwell. He also cut himself several times when I tried to leave him in the beginning, tried to hang himself, which I stopped him from doing -- all because I was asking him questions about our marriage, like a normal person does to get informed. He also slapped me. When he was trying to convert me to Islam and saying it was a religion of peace. I said, "Islam is a religion of peace???" Then he slapped me to prove his point. He wished death and hell on my family.

One time he entirely destroyed the room I was in because I questioned his sexuality (because I knew his best friend was gay -- the one that is now living with another man for "pay") That night he threw chairs against the wall, tore up 1400 dinar, and threw and entire tabletop worth of glass and food at me while I sat on the floor, saturated from the glass contents, and watching in horror. I watched him feeling glass shards fly across the room and across my skin.

He broke my stuff, but that's o.k., because I started getting brave and breaking all the stuff I bought, too - especially after I started reading this site. It made me happy to know that few things would be little left for him to keep. I even threw his watch in the toilet. I'm not happy with my behavior in those instances, but I thought that maybe if I altered my behavior he would calm down, seeing that I would fight fire with fire. It worked, a little, I'm still not proud of it.

The physical stuff was bad, but the verbal abuse was worse. He threatened to tell the police I brought drugs into Tunisia, when I wanted to leave him before. Never cared to buy food for the house or wake up to help me go to the market. He said I was killing his babies when we couldn't have children, because a traditional doctor told him I had jinn inside of me. He later found out medically that he is infertile. He constantly demeaned me for my nationality, my history, my religion, and even my education. I was always having to defend against political topics, and he used information about my country and the women there to tell me I was just like them -- basically like a whore. He took personal details about a previous relationship and twisted that information to destroy my confidence in myself. Funny enough, I landed a really great job after he criticized my chosen profession. Any time I questioned him about strange numbers calling on his phone, he would tell me to go f*ck other men, and started to threaten divorce. It got much worse after I cancelled his immigration paperwork, but he was really gutted by that, and it was vindicating.

He did all of these things, after I cared for his health and helped him get out of bed, put on his shoes, after his surgery, and then he went into extreme Islam. It was then he decided he wanted a Muslim wife, realizing I would never convert, this turned into daily threats of divorce over small reasons. All of this, and then I finally walked out, before we got into deeper layers of hell. And, before he could get me pregnant, and leave me alone with children years in the future --- when he finally could find the virgin he always wanted.
Wow Jisela you have been through alot. My experience seems really mild compared to what you went through. Stay strong in the knowledge that you can now move on from this rat and find someone else to live a more fulfilling life with. Good ridence to bad rubbish!!!