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Jul 11, 2016
Well done. Now be ready for the begging and pleading and anger. I’m innocent, my heart is white, why you don’t reply my message babe, my heart break babe, my mother love you say you are best woman for me. I no ask anything just your love blah blah, then... ok you bitch, why you don’t answer, you think I care, you old, fat ugly woman, why I want you when I have beautiful pure Tunisian woman. That’s how the story goes.
[email protected] beautiful! I can hear an old rat saying those very words! You even have their grammar down perfectly! :thumbsup:


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Aug 17, 2011
[email protected] neonnurse. Firstly, I’m glad you found us so early in the relationship. So you met him, and after a couple of weeks he’s talking about the future and marriage. He must sound like a gift. But I’m afraid he will be a gift that keeps receiving. He may seem mature and you may look younger. There are already so many reasons to cut him off now.

He wants you to go back and rent a house. Yikes, I guess he didn’t tell you that it’s illegal for you to stay in a house with him. He will tell you it’s not a problem, it is. Beyond the chance you will be shopped to the police by someone there you could also be arrested for prostitution.

It’s absolutely not done for him to stay with you. He wants you to hurry back, of course he does. You have a child, that’s a no in his culture. Your child would never be accepted by him or his family. He wants you married, of course my love you can stay with me here in Tunisia, I don’t want to live in Europe, why I go there I love my family. You are my family now. Then immediately the deal is done then the visa request is next. I’m truly sorry but as nice as he sounds he is looking for a potential way out of Tunisia. You approached him, he must have thought he died and went to heaven.
There was a girl wrote to warn had married two you think after one she wouldn't go bk down that road. Second oh I'm not like him yes they are and what she said they target single parents make such a fuss of your child big time and there down the line you didn't no its all put on cos the family don't except someone with child. Then child gets emotionley attached. So see the guy in hotel plays with your kids hits on the mom it's all fake like there mothers
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