I have a solution and u can trust 100% u will got what u want.


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Aug 17, 2018
Can I join you Margo..
I didn't go on holiday I didn't drink alcohol ever. So how did I get involved with a Rat.
I was invited to a wedding of a friend. I didn't go to any holiday resort in tunis..
I was introduced to rat.through a good friend no friend now.. I'm so tired sick of Every thing.
I am abandoned and that's how I see it.
I wouldn't do the visa because of his anger the way he was. I found out of his cheating his new promises cousin wife.. so wtf did I do wrong. ?
I put up with so much shit from everyone not just rat but all the family.. I want them all to be punished or believe me if I don't get justice I will personally make sure all their neighbours know what they are.. They can run but they can't hide.
I am angry that the police and tunis government protray western women bad because they show they bodies and drink alcohol. If they don't like it then stop tourists from going there.
End of my rant. I can't write what I want to or I'll be protrayed as a bikini wearing alcoholic infidel.
Grrrttr bathplugs...


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Aug 5, 2014
I will see how if I can get some of women and they talk about this matter, and I.will bring it to tourism government.
Do not think that it will help bring this to the authorities they are too keen to make money and what do they do with their tourists they make fun of us Mohammed and look down on us because of our way of life. Bezness is high in Tunisia we have evidence of this but the authorities want to say that women entered the open arms relationship. Another problem is that Tunisia is corrupt. Does she have enough evidence and a very good lawyer maybe she can win even in Tunisia!
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