I need help!


Rat Expert
I'm afraid on the next book shelf up, two rows across from 'The rat bible' is the 'Mummy rat manual'....they all spout the same rubbish: I love you, you my daughter etc :rolleyes:
Aw yes, the Mummy Rat Manuel.....Old mommy dearest , AKA Mrs. Rahali welcomed all foreign ladies into her brothel! She pulled out the family photo albums....took me in under her wing....and only 1 and 1/2 months after pulling the same garbage on another foreign woman! They are pure trash! No morals! Even bought presents for all of us....stuffed camels and those traditional clothes! Loads of food....dates, fish, couscous......her eyes twinkled with dollar signs glistening in them! Tunisia is about 1600 years behind the rest of the world! You will be a prisoner in the home! Run! Do not marry him no matter what! You will lose everything you’ve got! They know laws better than lawyers where greed and inheritances are concerned!