Illegal immigration from Tunisia. Tried or to be tried by Houssem Ktari/ Houssam Alktari.


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Mine was deported three times. Twice from Serbia, once from there was always the suspicious one I never got confirmed, but the Tunisian Embassy were emailing us, asking that we resend eleven pics of him, especially the ones in his fake Italian Red Cross uniform.....and he was AWOL at the time.....not online, not contactable.
Each trip cost him thousands and thousands of dinar....that he could have put to good use in Tunisia....coz you are not refunded if your attempt fails.
Foolish, foolish people.....what they imagine is so far removed from the truth.
Wasted time and money to end up right back at the beginning


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Yeah, pretty shocking, eh! Needless to say, I wasn't in for that plan. He is a complete lunatic. The evidence of his threats sits with all the authorities, not just here, but everywhere. I can't think of any country he would require a visa for that hasn't received an email backed up with proof of threats and many more things. My ex husband started taking action last February and it still continues now.
I am going to write some email myself to the embassies about my situation when I put myself together. Does it have to include something official, like a police report? Did they provide you some sort of feedback?