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Info about Covert Narcissists


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There are a lot of videos on youtube by psychologists about narcissism, but I think this one may be helpful for those of us deceived and feeling trapped by a rat:

I think it helps to explain why some of us feel bad about ourselves and also why they can shift from being so loving to so cruel and then not really care.

I love the quote in it by George Bernard Shaw - “I learned long ago to never wrestle with a pig. You get dirty, and besides, the pig likes it.”

I know my rat and others’ rats read this forum. They get ideas how to be more covert from our posts. They’ll change their strategies to suit their needs and lie about their own characteristics. It’s a sure sign of a rat since good people are just themselves.

Please remember whoever lies about love or having empathy to anyone in order to manipulate them is a coward.

We all have our faults especially when being abused or emotionally stressed. But I like this forum because a lot of people here are being themselves and we can support each other. Just be cautious even here please because they do know about and read this forum. And please don’t fight each other.✌