It´s all about the money, money money and visa!!!


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Aug 25, 2015
Going to the stadium to watch football in Tunisia is a sign of being a rat. Football fans are usually impolite and stupid there.
Many Rats are anything but stupid and impolite. In fact they can put on manners like no one else (that is how they deceive women). I would choose a rude football fan over a liar, cheat and thief any day.

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Sep 17, 2015
The last time I had a conversation with “my” Rat was in January 2015. On December 12, 2015 he suddenly starts talking to me again On TAGGED:

Him: Hey. How are u.

Me: I'm good and you?

Him: Good.

Him: It's.a.long time. (He hadn’t talked to me since March of this year when he deleted me from Facebook and Skype)

Him: I hope u are okmrs

Me: Yes.

Me: okmrs?

Him: I said Mrs because i respect u

Me: Oh. I am a Ms.

Him: How you live how you eatimg and how you have money?!

Me: How am I eating and living?

Him: Yes

Him: U from America!?

Me: I make money ----not as much as I'd like. Yes, I'm an American

Him: Okay. Can u help me.

Him: ?

Me: Help you do what?

Him: I pay rent of house 200 dollars and electricity 200 dollars and eating 300 dollars.

Him: My life it's hard here.

Him: I mean if u help me to go to America

Me: I know of the hardships there and everywhere else

Him: Yes.

Him: Help me to go there please

Me: You're someone I don't even know

Him: But we talk.before.

Him: Im from Tunisia.

Him: Im student and play soccer

Me: True but we stopped being friends. You deleted me from Skype and unfriended me on Facebook :(

Him: Sorry because before i was.on relation with a women from Switzerland

Him: But we not marry

Him: And we finish

Me: Why not?

Him: And now i looking for american girl

Me: Why American?

Him: Because my live in America

Me: Why

Him: Because i love America

Me: Why did you break up with your Swiss lady?

Him: Because she don't want marry me now

Him: And me.i want a serious relation

Me: She didn't---why not? Wasn't she in ❤ with you?

Him: I don't know

Him: And i forget that

Him: Can u help me or not?!

Me: Sorry, but I have nothing right now. I am still struggling myself.

Him: Okay

(As I was typing, I discovered I could no longer message him. He had deleted and blocked me from his account!)
Wauw..what a stupid jurk! They should start there own dating site!


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Jul 13, 2018
In a treat i read this words...It´s all about the money ,money.....And ohh boy that is true!!! I just wonder how many Dinnars have been send by Western Union this December month!! I guess it is not only a few! There have been tons of love bombing, sad stories, treats and pushing going on to get money and nice time for the rats. I wonder how many women there are out there who send money to the rat and end up having less then nothing left to have a nice time them self for the Christmas. Remember the rat do not care if you have anything as long as their pockets hold Dinars.
My question is : Did you get anything for Christmas? Did he care to send anything to you? Well, i guess not. What was his excuse? Too expensive to send? Did not have money? Wanted to send but ...Maybe you get a "Marry Christmas" on FB???Or the "I am Muslim. I do not celebrate Christmas? Well.... did you get something for Eid then? I guess not.That is the way it works. The rat have only plan for one person , and that is himself. But believe me, your money get feet to walk on when it comes to make good time for himself!!
As long as it is something in the relationship for him he will be there. He will trye in every way he can to get his benefits. For most of them the Visa is there in the future like a golden ticket. That is the ultimate goal.
You maybe say.."I know he loves me!" I asure you, the day he find that his Visa is not granted you will see his true face. He will walk away with no regrets. You will be dumpt like a hot potato.
The family and friends who was so nice to you will say "just dump her!! She is just a waist of time!! Find another one!! She do nothing for you!!
And he will agree!!! Then all the money he got forgotten. All the gifts you give is history. And his so cal Love is turn of just as easy as you turn of the light when you go to bed at night.
They turn the back at you just as easy as their love words fall from their mouth when you first met them.
For many this is unbelievebal!! My man is different!! The chance he is are like winning the Nasional Lottey!!
This page is not made to scare women and men to not be happy. It is not made out of bitterness. It is made to worn people to go into relationships with dishonest rats who only have one goal. The goal is to get money and visa by using dishonest relationships to get what they want without having any plan what so ever with the relationship other then to scam the victim.
Just be very careful with these rats. You maybe think you have control And you will not let yourself be scam. That only happen to lovesick old women? Right? The ugly ones?
Not me!!! I look young and atractive!!! And maybe you are really young??
You can not be more wrong!!! Young, older, beautiful or ordenary,,,,, It is just for the benefits! It´s all about the money, money, money!!! And the lottery ticket VISA!!
Just remember....Money can´t buy any love!! Walk!! walk away wile you still can!!!
So true! :sick:
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