La77aas - The Alternative Approach to Bezness.


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Sep 12, 2016
Yesterday, I was made aware of this new approach to Bezness. This approach is very familiar to us survivors in this forum, as we have witnessed it here, but having an actual name for it is gold dust: La77aas :thumbsup:

Some members here may try to contradict this post and attempt to make my knowledge look wrong, so please know, everything I post here on TLR is truth, either witnessed by, experienced by or heard by myself personally. I am brutally honest and do not try to pretty up Bezness, my aim is to expose this vile love scam in all its glory, not to criticise the good people of Tunisia. I love Tunisia, but I will not lie nor distort truths in any way. What I write below was taught to me by two Tunisian men yesterday, one of which has helped me in unbelievable amounts with my research into Bezness and who I trust implicitly but will not name.

Bezness has been occurring for many decades, though since the introduction of the internet, it has really hit us in force. We are all painfully aware of the usual hooking technique:
. Introduce yourself to chosen victim online or whilst on holiday.
. Declare undying love and propose marriage very quickly.
. Request victim come to see you and meet family.
. Moaning of a poor, hard done by life.
. A quick marriage, money and visa requests appear.
The trouble is, the Western world is becoming painfully educated on this scamming technique and those of us in the know are educating others. This site and others similar are really throwing a spanner in the works of bezness, success is becoming more difficult, so every so often, in order to combat this issue, the technique needs to alter somewhat in an attempt to mislead us and throw us off track.

The latest approach is called La77ass, in the words given to me, it is described as "The new generation of rats"
This is a conversation I had yesterday with a Tunisian man:

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I then messaged my much trusted Tunisian friend for clarification and a better understanding. This is our conversation:View attachment 32641
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The post from a friend:
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And just a little Tunisian saying that interested me in seeing how decent Tunisian people speak of rats:

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So in a nutshell, the newer way of approach is to not declare romantic feelings so fast, it is a gradual, time consuming hooking process, whereby they pretend to simply be your friend, once trust is established, the victim will start to open up more about her problems and the rat will pretend to offer support and advice. After time, with this approach, the victims feelings for this rodent will strengthen, this is the rats plan. Once the victim has developed a friendship, trust and feelings for her new friend, bingo....the rat has finally hooked his new victim.

With Bezness knowledge now being on the rise, I can see how this slight adaptation to the scam will work. People approached on social networking sites that are not familiar with sites such as TLR and so do not have the advantage of actually seeing la77aas in action, would happily make a new friend and share confidences with no suspicion. However, the approach whereby love at first sight is declared fast is gaining recognition and instantly giving rise to suspicion.

In the messages with my most trusted Tunisian friend, he says that if you see the words 'La77aas' or 'Jerthen' on a post, need to run a mile! The literal translation of jerthen is: Rat. He says this is a (unwritten) rule in Tunisian Facebook, to write those two words.

The good people of Tunisia ARE trying to expose these rodents in their own way, which I feel so happy and encouraged about! I never understood why the decent Tunisian people were not speaking out to expose this scam that tarnishes the image of their country...but they are!!

If there is a post about you or a picture of you on either yours or your Tunisian man/womans social networking account and a Tunisian person writes 'La77aas' or 'Jerthen', this is a warning to you, this is a decent, genuine, Tunisian person trying to alert you to the fact that you are being scammed by your man/woman, so pay heed and be eternally grateful....somebody is trying to save you from the destruction of Bezness! Your rat will lie to you when you ask him what these words mean, he will tell you it means congratulations or something...but it doesn't, it is your warning.

* A quick add after a query. As you saw above with bread 'Khobz', a word written in Tunisian dialect can have several spellings, but the meaning remains the same, so La77aas can also have a few spellings: La77aas, La7ass, La77ass....don't be fooled by the slight changes in the letters, the meaning remains the same: A rat posing as a helpful friend.
Good piece of work. I will remember that !!!


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Aug 25, 2015
I remember wondering why Mexicans, when they were sneaking and hiding over here, didn't seem to show any interest in getting green cards via marrying American women. It's not that Mexican men don't ever marry Americans, but they have never seemed to use that as a vehicle to get a visa/green card.
Mexicans don't show any interest in green cards because they are NOT rats! They come to America to strictly to W-O-R-K! American employers hire them because they are honest and hardworking.


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May 10, 2017
Mexicans don't show any interest in green cards because they are NOT rats! They come to America to strictly to W-O-R-K! American employers hire them because they are honest and hardworking.
"Honest" and "Hardworking" are not in the rats' vocabulary. But they are "honest to hardworking" at scamming people!
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