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In fact, it took me a while to realize that the biggest loser in this story was himself. I mean the rat with whom I got involved.
He was able to produce evidence about his own abuse and who he really was and there is nothing more humiliating about someone than playing dirty.
Anyone can win when they cheat, right?!
When someone is good enough, when they have the ability and talent, they don't have to deceive anyone with dirty tricks in exchange for such futile things.
Elevated are the people who have been themselves all the time, never having hidden their true face, so the peace of conscience tells me that I should even feel sorry for him.
Their victims are not those who lose.
The rats lose their peace and everything they get, because the things they get are perishable things.
And his actions, most of them, correspond to crimes, illegalities, things that can put them behind bars or give him great personal injury in a foreign country. Because they are very stupid and underestimate these things.
Now, in a pandemic era, for example, the rat business has broken down. I sincerely hope that his "bezness" will also break.
He had the opportunity in his life to work honestly, to make good profits, because his business was prospering, to value the wife who loved him and to be the beautiful and perfect child's father. But no: he wanted more! He wanted to take advantage of those who trusted him, and he did it without feeling bad about it. Take advantage of the vulnerability of people with good intentions. Damaged people, often depressed, who did not have the same good fortune as these rats.
It is too high a price and an unfair profit, because feelings are relegated to low prices, miserable and futile things that they value as if they were the most important thing in their mediocre lives.
The rat is always trapped, hiding, having to lie, having to dodge, having to persuade people that he is not a scoundrel, he never acts naturally. He lives in a trap he has built himself.
I think "Who has the key to this trap?"
And the answer: "I have". And I will confess to him, I have no interest in freeing him from this. He bet on evil, that he recognizes the salary that she now offers him.
He isolated me so I wouldn't have friends, and now that his honest business has gone bankrupt, because of the pandemic, he must be asking "where are my friends?" They do not exist in poverty.
So, he is the loser, today and forever.
I hope his wife will deign to be a woman enough not to accept fake love, false family happiness. Dignity does not have a price. There is only one life and that one life cannot be ruined by an ugly deceptive rat. They deserves solitude and poverty.