Love rats from a Tunisian point of view


Lady Amberheart of Gafsa
Jul 13, 2018
well i am an introvert person, i hate people tho
I’m an introvert too but I don’t hate people, it’s difficult to let someone approach that much to give trust. Rats have this ability, they can make you feel confident around them, but if you dare to not do as requested they will destroy you from the inside, using every one of your weaknesses against you. Introverts love their near ones too much cause it’s not that simple to emotionally connect with others.


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Aug 5, 2014
"Tunisians are warm and honest people. If you want a real love in Tunisia, Choose a partner with a similar age and situation"
Everyone is not love rat but I do not know if I had a Tunisian boyfriend then I would have been very unsure of him because of the negative thing about Tunisia and I would not have trusted him as long as I do not understand the language or know good enough for the culture. Have been on holiday in Tunisia and I like myself there (they have good food there and lots of spices) but getting me a boyfriend there is very skeptical of tunisia's negative mention
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