Marriage Request via Facebook!!!


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Jul 13, 2018
Hi Mario. This statement is the truth. When I was with my rat, I was so distracted with lovebombing, I didnt see what the devil was doing. It really wasn’t until he would be away from me because he was mad, that I had time to think. He messed up when he would play those kind of games. It was a blessing in disguise actually. I wasn’t trying to chase him during those breaks, I was trying to rationalize his scam. Get answers. And it worked.

But many women don’t use that block time to try and research because they are busy missing their rat. One of the rats many tactics. They don’t have time because the rat has guilted them. I do hope women will take a moment to think and do some research before engaging with the devil. If they are already involved, use that block time ne to research him. Cus as sure as the day is long, they love the block and unblock button.

And remember, everything that glitters, ain’t gold. ;)

Exact. even to discover gold takes time
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