Maybe he is, maybe he isn´t?


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If you don't mind me asking is he in the UK? If so how did he get here ?
Tourist visa is very very difficult and someone would need to apply for him.
Spouse visa the same again .
Unless he came on a study visa which is hard to get too .
Hes not working because his visa ran out and no right to work ( this applys to spouse and tourist visa )


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That is why i don't want to openly share my story, i prefer remain "undercover". He has no visa because he over stayed... (Iknow what it souns like) but there are a lot of twists and turns to the story that i can't share here. I shared in private with the administrator. :(
I am so glad you are sharing with someone...its the worst feeling when you feel alone in a difficult situation. Keep on sharing and we will absolutely respect your privacy and will honor it and protect you.♡


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Don't get me wrong. I don't want to get in so much details because someone could recognize my story. We never know who reads the posts here... But i see very similar scenarios in here also. But one thing that scares me is the "bipolar" behavior. It has never a middle term. It's like heaven or hell. I've already been with him in person, he is not in Tunisia, that is another reason i don't want to be exposed. Like i said before, i was aware of the visa scams and that is why i trusted him in the first place. I still want to, but he is getting really sneaky, i feel like he is hidding something from me, but i search and search and can't find anything! And the worst part is i am in this alone, i can not talk to family or friends about it because they were all against me from the beggining and will not support me. I don't need any more doubts or condemnations. I just need to know the truth to get peace of mind. :(
I believe that the people who were against the relationship, if they know that you regret it, because you are human and were in love, these people will be the first to support you in this.
Don't be afraid to ask them for help. Being isolated with the alleged scammer, yes, it's risky.