Members beware ... Yascin081

I have received a private message from this member

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Mango Chutney

Aug 29, 2015
I wanted to see who he was cause I found it strange that he was messaging me on here, so I was stupid and gave him my Facebook name
Oooops :D
I hope you've blocked him now.
Never give away your real identity to Tunisian men on this very rarely works out well.
Also, I don't want to upset you, but will say this very careful with Algerians. I get friend requests from hundreds of them...a lot of them go to Tunisia to bezness, as there are hardly any Western tourists in Algeria. I'm not saying your fella is a rat, just to be careful :)


New Member
Apr 4, 2016
Yeah I blocked him thank god, yes that’s fine you saying that. I’m being careful. My ex was a Tunisian rat so ain’t putting up with that shit again lol. Any shady behaviour and I’m done Lol xxx
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