My nightmare


Rat Expert
On a serious note. I have been anxious since the rat send a message after six months no contact. That triggered anxiety and Started to stalk him for a few days. He is on the same fishing mode, he has potential victims from all countries and ages... ofcourse he is a rat. Have seen some of his new friends are clearly rats too. I decided to stop that and remain 0 contact by not only not answering if he tried to reach out but also not falling into temptation to see if karma got him yet or not. :speechless:
This is how they work. They want to make sure that you don't forget about them and ensure that they will be on your mind continuously. It's a way of torment, very cruel. Good for you for taking the smart road.


Junior Rat Expert
Leaving these guys behind is kinda like leaving an addict relative on the streets. It’s a freaking shame, but it’s part of life. They’re malicious and desperate to get out of Tunisia, and most people are not equipped to handle this level of focused prostitution. It's best to stay away. And, yes they do have small Ding problems.
I guess mine got everybody’s share then ,and testicles like grapefruits!