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Discussion in 'RAT-DAR' started by celticgirl, Mar 5, 2010.

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    Hi ladies

    am new to this site but hope ur all well. I met this guy a few years ago in sousse and he tagged me in Dec 09 on, yeah, well guessed, tagged... anyway we chatted for a bit, about 3 weeks on msn/fb etc and i went to see him in jan and i have also just come back from seeing him this week, BUT i suspect he is playing other women and i hve found another fb page for him, but other than the same birthday i cant prove its him, he has talked of marriage and coming over to work so has been quite up front about it, only asked me for money once £10, when i went ot see him last week as he didnt have the bus fare home to kasserine (his mother was rushed to hospital), anyway, so far all sounds good, but no, gut instinct - his name on tagged (until i made him delete his account) the name was crazy for you, on FB is Neder Zorgui, which i know to be his real name, the other name if found attached ot his page is neder gassi, his email addresses are [email protected] and [email protected] (or something like that), his is 16 Jan '87 and is from kasserine, but stays a lot in Tunis. When we were in skanes last week at hotel we met a scots couple who i have on FB when drunk he told them he has 4 other english girls and is just using me, he is now sayin that no, that was before he meet me and was just using them, but i think he is back peddaling as he suspects that they will/have told me - any info or help or honey trapping would be much appreciated, i need to prove my instincts are right before i dump him, i dont want to dump him if am wrong as i really do quite like him. he's very loving and caring but i suspect a HUGE fecking rat of the highest pecking order... i am poss online late friday eve and def saturday morn and afternoon, so if you can help, i wld really appreciate it and if anyone is from tunisia and can translate what his page says woudl appreciate that too... sorry this is so long and sorry for asking for help frm strangers but i dont know what else to do

    Big thanks for any help and if you know anything please do let me know, plenty more rats in the woods (beats fish in the sea!).

    Take care
    Kyrsti x
  2. Hiya love, welcome to tlr :)
    I have to say I have not come across this name before, but it seems you already have a small amount of proof that he is cheating. Whats with the two email addresses? I love the "come tome" one, lol
    I will take a look around, see if anything comes up for him. Im sure some of the other girls will have some good advice for you xxx
  3. Don't kill Pravina.... | YouChoose

    10th entry....its nader.......looking for girls

    was 23/12/2007 though, so doesnt mean hes still doing things like this.........

    Submitted on 12-23-2007

    hi am NeDeR from tunisia
    am waiting for any alone girl may b she'll been mine XXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX
    < [email protected]> ;)
  4. Nothing comes up on fb for Nader Zorgui, but there are 4 Nader Gassi's on there..........

    Looks like the Nader Zorgui is private - is this the one you have access to??

    These are the 4 results for the Gassi surname xxx

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  5. Oh dear, i have just put in the come tome email and I found him

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    all women on friends list, sorry hun

    I have added him as a friend - will investigate

    They dont call me sherlock on here for nothing! :ben:

  6. my mistake, 25 women, 1 guy and another guy - himself - nader zorgui :ben:
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    wow you're brilliant becky!!

    Welcome to the site celticgirl. And I'm sorry that you met the wrong guy (f)
  8. What can I say, im bored! Lol xx
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    hi, i do not want to be mean, but it sounds as though he already revealed his true self when drunk. people who are drunk can not lie as easy as those who are not. alcohol is like a truth serum for most people, it loosens the tong and kills relationships. i would be more apt to believe his 'opps' confession than his declarations of love..:mad: but thats just me.
  10. tunisblue

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    May 21, 2009
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  11. GaileIrene

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    Hi, CelticGirl,

    Your suspicions were well founded: Becky, our local forensic detective, turned up some dirt indicating his past behavior. Our on site psychologist TunisBlue pointed out the truth-feretting properties of alcohol (is that why it’s banned in some countries? - LOL!). My little complaint: why do those guys keep on using the “sick mother” excuse, as in when he asked you for bus fare when “his mother was rushed to the hospital“? Such lack of imagination! If his mother really had been “rushed to the hospital“, I don’t believe he’d have even stopped to talk to you or to hit you up for money.
  12. Right, I have been accepted as a friend by Nader Gassi. :D
    He has no photos. :huh:
    Only a profile pic of a logo for "star motors" :dead:
    Dont ask.......<_<

    Anyway, there he is listed as single........... BUT about 3 weeks ago he was listed as in a relationship with a girl with the initials PM
    CelticGirl, if these are not your initials then I think we have a rat on our hands....:innocent:

    Oh yes, and he seems to have a hatred for Americans :O There is alot of arabic writing in his status updates which my hubby translated for me. He seems like a bit of a nutcase......:dead:

    The other profile, Nader Zorgui, is no longer private, I can see everything except his wall. :blush: In his info page it states he is engaged......and he has lots of photos. :tongue:
    He is a very good looking rat :ben:
    Quite a poser actually, if these photos are anything to go by......;)

    Anyway, I have sent a private message to Nader Gassi, I will copy any response I get here :ben:
    Thats all the dirt I have for now :blush:

    Oh, one more thing. Something on Nader Zorgui's profile which made me laugh...his comment in the little info box under his name:
    "do not try to stressed me make sure i ll crash you"

  13. alAzima

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    Welcome to the site Celtic (f)

    Please don't apologize for asking for help from strangers, as that's what we are here for.

    It looks like Becky has already done a lot of leg work for you. I'm sorry that thus far it's not turning out to be positive information.

    I wish you the best and I hope that we can be of help. If he does turn out to be a rat, we have a lot of emotional support here or revenge tactics- which ever suits you :tongue:
  14. WouldI

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    Welcome Kyrsti!

    Maintaining a long-distance relationship is hard enough even when you have no reason to doubt your partner. This guy is using different identities and advertising himself everywhere - could you honestly ever completely trust him? I'm sorry to say that he sounds like a weasel to me (I'm bored with rats :ben:) and he has very little respect for you or women in general xxx
  15. WouldI

    WouldI Guest

    I half hope he turns out to be a rat so that we have some lookers in the gallery again :ben: (sorry Kyrsti :blush:)
  16. Which account did you add? The gassi one or the zorgui one with the pics? :ben:
  17. paula01

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    Oct 27, 2009
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    Let me look, go on let me look, a looker :ben::ben:
  18. WouldI

    WouldI Guest

    I haven't seen him either, but I'll take tigerlil's word for it :D
  19. If he turns out to be a rat I will be more than happy to post photos :ben:
    He is very yummy! And only 5 months older than me :ben:
  20. WouldI

    WouldI Guest

    Go for it girl! :dead:
  21. chefref

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    Jun 22, 2009
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    I only lie when I'm drinking! :rofl::rofl:
  22. tunisblue

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    May 21, 2009
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    to yourself... lol pour me another, he is almost looking human:innocent:
  23. tunisblue

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    May 21, 2009
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  24. mezoo

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    Mar 1, 2009
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    strangers can be your best friends

    1. when drunk you learned the truth, from strangers who cared to tell you
    2. you've come for help from strangers, us, but we are your friends and will give you good advice. just like the strangers in item 1.

    help, i don't have, but for advice, "get rid of him fast"
    there's good guys out there but this is not a good catch. good luck! :coffee:
  25. Very clever rat!!!

    Right CelticGirl, I have had a rather delightful chat with Neder this evening. :ben: I spoke to him from my own facebook account to his GASSI one, and I also spoke to him from my friends facebook account to his ZORGUI one - AT THE SAME TIME!!! He is one clever boy!! :ben:

    I have a headache!!! :huh:

    Anyway, read, and make of it what you will. I have gotten 2 different stories out of him, so its not looking good xxxx

    Conversation between NEDER ZORGUI and SAMIRA -

    Between ИєDєЯ Zorgui and You

    Samira Lufti06 March at 20:50
    hi neder i am samira i like be youre friend xxxx

    ИєDєЯ Zorgui06 March at 20:55

    Samira Lufti06 March at 20:58
    where are u from

    ИєDєЯ Zorgui06 March at 21:00

    ИєDєЯ Zorgui06 March at 21:01

    Samira Lufti06 March at 21:01
    im from sahline
    you know it?

    ИєDєЯ Zorgui06 March at 21:02
    am from kasserine but always in other places like hammamet monastie
    but i hate sousse

    Samira Lufti06 March at 21:03
    sousse is crazy place i like monastir and PEK marina
    i go with my girl friends from school sometimes
    so you single?

    ИєDєЯ Zorgui06 March at 21:05
    for present yea
    but not for long time

    Samira Lufti06 March at 21:05
    you have girlfriend in tunisie?

    ИєDєЯ Zorgui06 March at 21:06
    yea samira

    Samira Lufti06 March at 21:06
    your girlfriend name samira? loool

    ИєDєЯ Zorgui06 March at 21:10
    ena andi wa7da fi london w hana net3arkou w tayretheli
    tji te5ou blasetha ?

    Samira Lufti06 March at 21:11
    so are you single or no? because i like you xxx

    ИєDєЯ Zorgui06 March at 21:12
    mé ena bid lik
    en tt ka single

    Samira Lufti06 March at 21:14
    good :)

    Samira Lufti06 March at 21:15

    i am sorry i must go now my hour is finished in internet cafe i speakwith you soon inshallah? :)
    ИєDєЯ Zorgui06 March at 21:14
    3andek teliphoun enti ?

    Samira Lufti06 March at 21:19
    22 519 192 xxx call me tomorrow i sleep soon
    alakhir xx

    He said he is single. And asked for my number. Obviously I gave a fake Tunisian number, lmao

    Conversation between NEDER GASSI and REBECCA -

    Between Neder Gassi and You

    Rebecca Soghier 05 March at 13:26
    Hi how are you?

    Neder Gassi 05 March at 20:36
    am fine u ?

    Rebecca Soghier 05 March at 22:47
    good thank you :)
    do you live in tunisia? xx

    Neder Gassi 06 March at 12:36
    u ?

    Rebecca Soghier 06 March at 13:16
    i live in england at the moment but i have a home in tunisia also
    do you have a girlfriend? x

    Neder Gassi 06 March at 18:28
    but its complicated
    what about you
    nd why i couldn't get you on line

    Rebecca Soghier 06 March at 19:21
    my chat is not working i have it turned off
    sorry about your girlfriend. why isit complicated? xxx

    Neder Gassi 06 March at 20:08
    she is jalous
    really really jalous

    Neder Gassi 06 March at 20:08
    what about you

    Rebecca Soghier 06 March at 20:12
    oh dear where is she from?
    i am married but we are getting divorce

    Neder Gassi 06 March at 20:14
    oh sry for you
    my girl is from london
    but am tunisian

    Rebecca Soghier 06 March at 20:15
    what is her name?

    Neder Gassi 06 March at 20:16
    kerstin dalglesh

    Rebecca Soghier 06 March at 20:18
    im just nosey :)
    where in tunisia do u live?

    Neder Gassi 06 March at 20:19
    why you havent picture ?

    Rebecca Soghier 06 March at 20:19
    i have lots of picture

    Neder Gassi 06 March at 20:20
    Rebecca Soghier 06 March at 20:21
    i will change my photo now 1 minute

    Neder Gassi 06 March at 20:21
    but u look not tunisian

    Rebecca Soghier 06 March at 20:22
    im english i live in england my ex husband is tunisian

    Neder Gassi
    06 March at 20:36
    is it really ur foto your ex husband is a dem blind hhhh

    Neder Gassi 06 March at 20:49
    you still here ????

    Rebecca Soghier 06 March at 20:52
    yes xxx

    Neder Gassi 06 March at 20:53
    so why you divorced
    is him blind

    Rebecca Soghier 06 March at 20:54
    hes just want visa

    Neder Gassi 06 March at 20:58
    ah ok
    so he is here in tunisia ?

    Rebecca Soghier 06 March at 21:00
    yes he back home after i see he just want paper from me

    Rebecca Soghier 06 March at 21:02
    why you think he is blind?

    Neder Gassi 06 March at 21:03
    coz you are sexy
    ithink so

    Rebecca Soghier 06 March at 21:05
    ohh you make me shy! but thank you
    do you have photo??

    Neder Gassi 06 March at 21:11
    not here
    cam in mssanger

    Rebecca Soghier 06 March at 21:13
    why you have no photo? you see my photo i like see yours maybe i like you if i see you :) i come tunisia in 3 week maybe we meet?

    Neder Gassi 06 March at 21:17
    u welcome
    u find a friend in my list zorgui thats me too

    Rebecca Soghier 06 March at 21:20
    oh you have 2 facebook? loooooooooool

    Rebecca Soghier06 March at 21:27
    oh i see, is nice photo!

    Neder Gassi06 March at 21:28
    but u dont want to give me msn ??

    Rebecca Soghier 06 March at 21:28
    i can give you msn but i have no camera :(

    Neder Gassi06 March at 21:29
    oh come on mine is [email protected]

    TO BE CONTINUED..... :ben:

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