news from my rat

Mango Chutney

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Treat time :D:D hahaha. Him having a wank is treat time.
Oh fecking hell hahaha

Think I'm gonna have to rephrase the kids treat time when they get in from school now.....I won't be able to say it without laughing......or vomiting :D

Treat time!!! Hahahaha :D
I need to see your picture your sexy legs up the bathroom wall..
I need to see that pipe work, so artistically decorating the bathroom wall....those beautiful pipes, that remind me of my rusty old hose.
T'was probably the old pipes aroused him, as opposed to the bare legs of a female :thumbsup:
Yes he has a nice little collection. ..all pics go into his wank bank. .remember once he was trying to fish a woman and he even made her face big on his brown substance tablet so he could kiss her sad is that I never let him live that one down. .kissing his screen pretending she was there with him ..:love::love::love:he's a saddo.
Omfg, hahahahaha!!!!!! :D:D:D
Oh dont worry about that i am sure heidi mango and laura will send them packing
Sure will :thumbsup: Tis a sure thing I would love to give this sick, depraved fucktard a piece of my mind after some of the brown substance I've seen since he was last here! The bastard :Evil:
He has 3 times nap time (not joking he says am off for a nap this is like 2.30 afternoon ) He has a snack time and a treat time all in that order. ..
Sleep, eat, wank.....what a day! No wonder he has to constantly drug himself up to escape the reality of his pathetic life :rolleyes:
Your feet all cold with them black flip flops
Ah, the flip flops, the flip flops.......memories :D
wont even tell you what :whistle: his favourite Sunday bath time treat is
You'd bloody better!!! I wanna know now :D
I dont want to know if it involves a duck or a lufer....
I do! Can just imagine what he shoves in his rubber duckies beak......and where he puts his lufer :sick:
Come on i have to leave the fool some dignity :sneaky:
Dignity? He is a prostitute with herpes, no Dong, and a drug habit...his dignity is looooooong gone :p

Mango Chutney

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OK picture this ( OK maybe not ) a nice warm relaxing Sunday bath ...lots of soap (which they make their own from what's left over ) a few fIngers back passage while he nibbles on his own arm ..A few kissing of the arm and a lot of thrashing around. .He's such a water baby rat ....BUT remember this is his Sunday treat only :sneaky:
So he kisses his arm, whilst thrashing around in the bath.....with his fingers up his ass?????
Oh my day is made.....I can't breathe :D:D:D

Ahmed, you filthy, dirty boy!! :D
I hope he only uses his left hand for that!
Stop right there!!! My rat was left handed, waaaaaaah!!!
This knowledge has traumatised me for over two years....I can't mentally cope :sick::D:D
Remind me never to drink coffee while reading here.
I was eating yogurt whilst reading here yesterday!
Nearly projectile vomited down the street :sick: