Nour Ismail Ninou OR Nino OR Ninoo Hotel Menara in Hammamet


Junior Rat Expert

Sending you this to give you a laugh,, always cheers me up and brings me back to earth.. and makes me realise what a great nation we are and we were brought up the right way.. shows humanity as we know it.. and as such as much as we are called mean canny, mean never... we know the last pound in our pocket is never our own.. does this make us stupid..absolutely not... just kind.. don't let anyone tell you otherwise... You remind me of me... many years ago... but a bit different story never the less I affiliate with you, and wish you the best... Scots are never victims.. do what you have to do to close the door.. and actually your rat and mine are both egotistical pricks,,, live long and prosper my dear.... I do and have a great Scots man.. but he does not put a coat on a puddle for me.. is not exotic.. does not send me flowers and talks sweet poems, and he farts often, but know what... he is real...and we laugh a lot.. these men Tunies.. are not men at all.. if they were ..they would support themselves.. as I have said many times .. must be vodoo.. it certainly is not that they have big balls... Chebalti... back to fuck off.
Oh my God I remember this day.....I don't think I had laughed for months before @crystal love you xx